Four Ways to Bring Harmony into your Professional and Personal Life

One of the most overused phrases in recent times – work-life balance – is also one of the most important things in life. Especially for women entrepreneurs, it is important to think and feel that you aren’t overworking. In other words, you must enjoy the values of work life and home life, without sacrificing either....more

I Left My Career Behind to Become a Waitress & I've Never Been Happier

I had a good income, holidays off, and full health insurance. My career helped me afford a reliable car, a drink in my hand by 5:00pm, and all the stability and safety I was always told to go after. ButI wasn't happy.  ...more
I loved this. Thanks for your perspective!more

Change Your Perspective

Perseverance is a powerful way to learn and become better.  Perseverance is a powerful way to learn and become better. ...more


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your To-Do list? Now that the holidays are almost up us, are things spiraling out of control and your patience and vitality are at a low ebb? If you can relate to the paragraph above, I need to warn you that something deadly is lurking on the horizon. It's called Procrastination and it's appealing, seductive and invariably makes matters worse....more

The Juggle Struggle for Mompreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit is flourishing in the U.S. as working mothers opt out of the workforce to start their own businesses. These working moms – or mompreneurs – want the freedom to pursue a long-held interest, spend more time with their families and gain more flexibility in their workday.But with this newfound freedom of being one’s own boss, mompreneurs must juggle new demands in balancing their personal and professional lives....more
Great suggestions! One of the key ways to achieve success is to dig deep for motivation. Here is ...more

Changes -- Turn and Face the Not So Strange

So many changes to face right now that I’m overtired, cranky, and I can’t sleep.  This may also be contributed by my decompression technique from 10 to midnight of watching old episodes of The Office; guzzling too much caffeine like the large iced tea from Dunkin’ Donuts that I partially consumed in the late afternoon, leaving me wired and extremely on edge; and adjusting to too many things at once.  Instead of resting the moment my children leave for school, I pump myself up with activity until I come home from my new job and then devote another hour to tidying up the ho...more

10 Tested Tips for Time Management

As a mom of two active kids, wife of someone who owns his own business, published author, daughter, sister, aunt and traveling career women, time is at a premium for me, like I’d bet it is for you....more
Great tips! I especially like buying clothes that don't wrinkle and not checking baggage. Makes ...more