It’s Ok. Don’t Cry.


Why aren't you living the life you really want?

 No matter how much planning you put into it, life is still a big mystery. You just never know where it will take you.  I guess that has some good and bad points....more

My New Response to "I Don't Know How You Do It"

This was a tough week at our house. It was full of soccer try outs, school assignments, work deadlines, business travel, extracurricular activities and various meetings....more

How to Use Your Insecurities to Your Advantage - Get Inspired!

What inspires you? Maybe it's the sunshine, early in the morning, and the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee before everyone else in your house wakes up.Maybe it's the rush of a big deal…the pressure and potential reward of that moment when your prospect says Yes.Maybe it's your daughter, when she learns a new word, or your son's smile when he figures out how to do something "all by myself"....more

3 Steps To Creating More Freedom For You and Your Family

More freedom is the number #1 thing many busy moms crave in their life. Our busy, overwhelming lives can make us feel like we are captive to our schedules.The truth is we often are.Juggling work, kids, life and all the other responsibilities that land in our lap our day-to-day life can feel like one big crazy merry-go-round we can never jump off.Here’s the good news for anyone feeling like this.Creating more freedom in your life is completely within your control....more

Do You Have A Grand Canyon Gap In Your Life?

I recently had the privilege of spending a few days at the Grand Canyon. The beauty and grandeur of the place is awe-inspiring. It is simply just so BIG! I could spend days peering out over the canyon and never get bored with the view.As I was walking one morning with my family along the rim I found myself staring across to the other side of the canyon. It seemed so far away. ...more

3 Lessons My Daughter Taught Me About Love.

My daughter can’t get enough of Valentine’s Day. She loves love. She loves giving love and she loves receiving it. I admire her so much for that. Becoming her mom has opened my heart for a love I never knew I was capable of. ...more

What Are Goals...Without Accountability?

 by Tracy D. Holloman, MA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP  A question that many of us should be asking ourselves daily as we look to grow our businesses is, “would I be fired today for the work that I am not doing if I worked for someone else?   Think about it, if we worked for someone else, would we be able to get that other load of laundry in or, take a quick trip to the store midday and get to writing the newsletter, bookkeeping or networking  later?  Probably not!...more
Timely- I am an equity partner in a med device company.  It is a juggling act between goals and ...more