I grew up with Rabbit Ears and one blurry TV Channel that didn't come on till 6am and ended at 1am....Programs were limited and I was truly grateful for what we got.....Today's families are inundated with 500 plus channels, Video games, I-Pods, and so much more.....Today's families are mostly in OVERLOAD.......more

Pocketful of Bands, Rings or Posies?

“If you can guess what I have in my pocket, you can have it. You will need to guess it before I reach home”, I heard my manager pamper her daughter with these promising words over the phone. It was her daughter’s tenth birthday and she had organized a party in the evening. This meant a long day at work for me. My manager shared her work load with me and took off early for her more important chores. Obviously, I had to complete my set of tasks as well. After closing the urgent issues, I decided to call home to inform I will be late. It was evening seven when I called home....more

Are You Guilty Grateful or Truly Thankful?

At this time of the year being grateful and thankful becomes a front and center theme in our lives.We share on social media what we are grateful for, we write little “I am thankful for” notes, our kids bring home “I am grateful” crafts from school.The holiday season I believe can bring out the best in us.  A big part of the reason is that we give ourselves permission to be the giving and sharing people that we are at our core....more