Advice You Will Never Hear From a Career Counselor

Almost two years ago, I wrote my first blog post. As soon as it went live, I thought, I have quite possibly just ruined my entire life. ...more
A few months ago, someone wanted to set up a meeting. I was doing an on-site visit with clients ...more

The Chopping Duet

Undone. Spent. Exhausted by our day's work, my hubby and I went to the respective corners of our post-workplace boxing rings and had it out.I, with a chef's knife in hand and five pounds of the very last apples in Oklahoma. He, with a handsaw, saw horses and a power saw, cutting up lumber he had saved for the last eight years.I was making dinner. He was working on a storage shed.There were holes and some bad spots in the apples. I cut them out....more
@Masked Mom Yes. There is. A presence and camaraderie of parallel activities is comforting.more

Requiems Pour un Parfait

In the corner of the Queen's Lane Coffee House in Oxford, I am only a student.I relax after a full day of lectures by eating Greek yogurt, honey and fresh strawberries. This scrumptious food of the gods is beautifully arranged in a tall parfait glass.  The bowl of my teaspoon digs to the bottom of the treat and drags bits of each layer up the side of the glass for my next bite....more
@Anntrea Howdy, you! Yes, I went to Oxford for 40 days two summers ago. It was a Study Abroad ...more

Putting the WAH! in WAHM

So I just got this fantastic new full-time job. It's my dream come true: I spend the day in great company, with smart, funny women who are creative, talented and bracingly honest. I get to use both sides of my brain: strategy and business brain and well as emo/writing/community/build-a-better-world brain. (Woot!) And I get a paycheck every two weeks. (I know, I'm pinching myself.)The other amazing benefit? I get to work from home. Let me tell you how totally amazing this is! ::insert crickets chirping:: ...more
Perfect and eloquent, Stacy, just as one would expect.  I only HOPE one day I can experience all ...more

Leadership Test: Integrity During The Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time for all of us, when we struggle with work-life balance (or not) and work to serve our business and our families with equal gusto, too often at the expense of ourselves....more

Buh-Bye, Superwoman! Celebrating the Holidays Like a Real Woman

Ever ask yourself why Wonder Woman never made it as a feminist icon? Because she’s not real – she’s The Impossible Woman. 2011 is the year I gave up on Woman Impossible and fell in love with real women, and my transformation was final last week when – in the midst of the work/holiday stress - I cancelled my annual-for-20-years Christmas party. Want a holiday gift for yourself? Give up on being a Superwoman and fall in love with yourself. ...more
@lifeinthetoylane Thanks for the insight yourself. Great quote! Actually, though it's a nuance, ...more

Evaluate Your Life Score… Take the Test

If you think of life in terms of a game, then perhaps you should give yourself a score of some sort. How else will you know how you’re doing?...more

Work-Life Baloney

A constant discussion topic among every professional woman I know – and no small number of men - used to be work-life balance. We judged ourselves and each other harshly when it came to our skill in balancing....more

Striving For Work-Life Balance

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt was: Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life? Striving For Work-Life Balance   This is a hard subject for me....more

Six Ways To Balance Your Babies And Your Dreams

I once assumed, like many, that motherhood would cause me to lose sight of my dreams, either that I'd be so in love with my children or that I'd simply lose myself.And that scared me. A lot.In spite of this fear, twenty-one months ago, I became a mom. And, in doing so, I learned that my early assumptions were all wrong. Rather than making me forget about my dreams, motherhood has made me realize new ones and given me the confidence to make my dreams, both new and old, become a reality....more
Love this. These are goals that may be hard to achieve, but yes, take it one day at a time. Work ...more