Who's the Real You? Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter

Eureka. I have solved a problem and my salvation appears to be Google+, the new social networking tool that is currently invitation-only from Google. Google+ is to social networking as a six-burner gas stove with pancake grill attachment is to making the most heavenly meal of the day: Breakfast....more
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Redefining who we are depending on what we're doing at the moment

One of the more unusual things about being an into/out of the workforce parent (sometimes called the "primary at home parent" and also the "Stay at Home Mom" but of course there's nothing particularly stay-at-homish about being the one who has the more flexible schedule, and of course it's not unique to moms, but let's just call it an into/out of the workforce parent for now) is the way we're constantly having to redefine ourselves. Refine our own personal message, our own "branding." And in the course of it, sometimes I think we lose track of important details....more

Having my own "play" time and not living through my child

So I started playing tennis again. And as I played, I couldn’t believe how much it meant to me. Because I was truly having unadulterated fun: a feeling I think I tend to deprive myself of. Oh, and my nine-year-old daughter felt relieved. Here’s the story. After occasionally playing for the past 25 years and previously playing for my high school team, I finally decided to get back in the game. I signed up for a weekly doubles clinic, and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time I played...which must have been super annoying to the other players for an hour and a half....more

what a great post. i've been wanting to get back into soccer lately. when i was at my nephew's ...more

Balancing Your Life on Purpose!

Life balance is a journey and a process, not a destination or a one time event....more

How I Make My Life Work (most of the time)

Right now I'm juggling a job in Manhattan at a very exciting firm, four kids, a wonderful husband, a 90 minute commute, a dog, cat and eleven chickens and some truly amazing friends. I love it. I get asked a lot how I make this work. I'm taking no credit for the fact that most of the time, it works. Really!...more

Busted: 'Best Places to Work' Lists

If  most ‘best places to work’ lists are to be believed, most of corporate America is headquartered in Lake Woebegone, where all the employers are above average. You don’t have to be much of a skeptic to wonder what the real truth is behind the sunny quotes and breathless editorial comments: Foosball! Free coffee! Shuttle buses around the corporate campus! All the Cheerios you can eat! ...more
Sometimes though, the companies actually do the things that the survey says they do.   I worked ...more

Am I a better mom now?

Am I a better parent by not working right now? I say "right now" because I quit my job a little over a month ago to take a midlife sabbatical. Now, I seem to have more energy to focus on parenting than when I was working. I'm not saying it's helicopter mom time; quite the opposite. I'm just more relaxed. I find myself with more energy to discipline my daughter, which has been my major parenting shortfall. My 9-year old daughter's not an easy daughter to raise (not that any child is); importantly, I'm not an easygoing, mothering-comes-easy to me type mom....more

Women, Business, Kids- Does This Equation Ever Balance Out?

A friend of mine forwarded me an article today from a blogger at Business Insider. The title: “VC CONFESSION: "I Have Doubts Once I Think Of Women Founders Having Kids And Being Distracted From Work".My first thought was, as Charlie Brown might put it, ‘Good grief’. My second- how is it that in 2011, women are still being confronted/ limited by their ability to bear children? Are our wombs all the world sees when it looks at us?...more

My midlife sabbatical: DAY 1

Why start writing today? Because -  right now - I’m about to take a huge risk and hopefully change the course of my life. I just quit my job to take what I'm calling a midlife sabbatical. I'm veering off the planned  "path" that Corporate America sucks you into. And I'm scared. So why did I quit? I'm burnt out, work-wise. My husband had open-heart surgery eight months ago and I decided life is just too short to stay on the same path that is no longer making me happy. The balance of life turned on me in some way....more

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Sneaking out to see the stars

“Mama, let’s go outside to see the stars!”  My hopeful four-year-old smiled eagerly at me as he padded over in his footie pajamas, hopeful for a last-minute reprieve from bedtime.  “Not tonight, sweetie,” I said, “we’ve already read your books and tucked you in.  I’ll be back to snuggle you in a moment.”  I smiled as I tucked in my six-year-old, tousled his blond hair, and gave him an extra hug.  I knew that they just wanted to stay up a little later, but with daylight savings time starting tonight, I had to be the parent and say no. ...more

Oh, that first visit to the planetarium -- so magical! I wonder what she'll think of IMAX when ...more