5 Reasons You're Miserable at Work and What to Do About It

Kathy Caprino Last week, I held a free teleclass for women on the “5 Reasons You’re Miserable at Work and What To Do About It,” based on key findings from my national research with scores of working women across the country...more

Working Mother Magazine's Most Powerful Moms

We have heard a lot of talk about how women have tipped the balance in the workforce. There are more working women in the U.S. than there are working men.  Seventy percent of working women are mothers.  ...more

It's always rough trying to juggle both your career and spending time with your family. ...more

Hourly Workers: Best Companies and the Moms Who Work for Them

From cashiers and housekeepers on up to the corporate office, working moms at Working Mother's Best Companies for Hourly Workers are getting the benefits, training and flexibility they need to succeed. And their families benefit, too. Meet a few women who show us how they make work work for them and their families. ...more

How does one keep the peace and serenity of solitude in the midst of the crowd?

Okay I have been on vacation for what seems like forever - but really only for 10 days. I didn't go out of town, didn't have any magnificent plans.  I had 10 long, beautiful and much needed me time.  You know time to clear my mind and refocus my energy and center my life.  And of course some light Spring cleaning. It was absolutely the most enjoyable time off! ...more

Are You Trading Flex Time for Face Time Out of Fear?

Are you selling yourself short because you're so afraid to lose your job that you're sacrificing your benefits and yourself for the illusion of security? If so, you're not alone, because many workers are trading their very own well-being for something that is unobtainable -- security and guarantees; unobtainable, at least if you're looking outside yourself to find it. ...more

Equally Shared Care: House, Kids and Work. Is It For You?

Wouldn’t a working mother be less stressed out if her husband or partner assumed an equal share of the financial, household and childcare duties? Isn’t a husband less stressed out if his wife helps to earn money while he is also competent and fully up to speed on running the house? This makes sense, but it’s still kind of radical to say out loud. I do not want to ignite mommy wars here: Your choice is your choice. But if the idea of sharing home and work duties appeals to you, there are resources to help you figure it out. ...more

I was a single parent for the first 2 1/2 years of my son's life. When my husband (my son's ...more

What Does the Dad Badge Really Mean?

Jake Tapper is the Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News.  He’s a pretty big deal. I follow him on Twitter, as do 39,559 other people. Although his Twitter page has a strapping picture of the reporter on duty in front of the White House, Tapper’s Twitter badge, his personal stamp, is a photo of him cradling his two little kids: a toddler and a newborn. It is such a tender photo, and you could never imagine Walter Cronkite (if he had a Twitter page) using such an image as his calling card....more

My nephew has a smart business mind, and a great dad, my niece was really blessed. His FB ...more

Smartphones - Productivity Tool or Time-Suck?

I admit it. I must be the only techie person left on the planet who doesn't have a smartphone. I have a cell-phone, I've texted, and I've even accessed the Internet from my tiny, tiny phone for a desperate sports score check or weather scoop when traveling, but I don't have a shiny smartphone. Why? I haven't decided yet if it would be a productivity tool for my business or a simple, expensive, time-suck. ...more

Thanks to the BlackBerry Bold, I'm no longer reduced to talking on the phone....Like an ...more

Defending Motherhood Choices Online

She is completely naked. She is young and attractive -- slim, with a pretty face. The video camera capturing her efforts is hidden from her. But the camera she is trying to maneuver is sitting on top of a dresser, or perhaps it's on a high chair. She is in a very modest bedroom, and she is trying to videotape herself dancing erotically. From what I can tell, she is trying to launch a career as either an exotic dancer or a Internet porn star....more

I struggle with it constantly. As a woman, mother, friend... As I have gotten older I can see ...more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Why Entrepreneurs Will Love It

Last Tuesday was the premiere of the third season of Bravo reality show Millionaire Matchmaker. I must admit, I was eagerly anticipating this program for many reasons. Where else can I have my stereotypes of the vapidness of Los Angeles singles confirmed? ...more