Punctuated Motherhood

Single-mother.Yeah, there’s a hyphen up there.That makes all the difference.In grammar, a hyphen is used to connect two words with opposing meanings like:Low-fat.Ugly-pretty.And yes, single-mother.Because in reality, how do you live like a single person and as a mother? ...more

A Holiday To Hope

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

How to balance love and work: the case for 9 to 5

Apparently, a relationship between an academic and a non-academic is doomed from the start. ...more

Jack Welch: There is No Work-Life Balance, Only Work-Life Choices

Former General Electric Co. CEO Jack Welch left women shaking their heads at the Society for Human Resource Management's annual conference when he said: "There's no such thing as work-life balance," Mr. Welch told the Society for Human Resource Management's annual conference in New Orleans on June 28. "There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences." ...more

I think he is absolutely right. 

As a new employee I was completely sucked in by my ...more

Networking For The Unemployed Mom

Like millions of other Americans, I have recently been laid off (no, I was not Dooced). There are pros and cons to being temporarily unemployed. ...more

I used to hate these events and as I felt it was all about being judged I used to be so ...more

Womenomics: We've Got More Power Than We Thought!

What would you say if I told you that you have more power to negotiate your work schedule than you think? Or that your boss may be afraid of you leaving your current position because of how much it would cost to find and train your replacement in this economy? ...more

Lisse, you did find one though and did NOT give up. That is what it takes, knowing what you ...more

Womenomics: That Pesky Work-Balance Issue and the Anchorwomen

Last week, on the back deck of Punditmom's house, I was lucky enough to meet and listen to ABC's Claire Shipman and BBC's Katty Kay as they talked about their new book, Womenomics.  It was thrilling to hear them talk about the new "facts of life" - that, in fact, it's now good business to hire women and move them up the ladder, and to ...more

Cynthia -- It was so nice seeing you at the Womenomics talk.  Thanks for the kind words about ...more

Mommy Guilt (aka Baby Withdrawal)

A friend of mine, who does not have children, asked me to explain “mommy guilt”. I have to admit this is a difficult subject to discuss without a common frame of reference. But, on behalf of all the CareerMamas out there and for the benefit of those who do not have children, soon-to-be mothers, and men, I will give it my best shot. ...more

Keeping Up The Pace

“What do you think about going out for dinner?” “Let’s go see a movie tonight!” ...more

Humanizing Mothers

Video is such an important component of what makes MyWorkButterfly truly comprehensive. It not only allows us to differentiate ourselves in the crowded "mom" space, it brings to life the personal stories and journeys of so many women. The videos help to humanize celebrity mothers and peers, further engage you in the online experience and to prove our deep commitment to providing inspiration and mentorship. ...more