The Easiest Way to Work Out At Work

Ideally, I would love to go for a jog after work, and while living in Florida has many year round benefits, my after work jogging plans are usually foiled by this:...more

Spend Less Time In The Gym, Not More

Using weights is not just a way to look better, but it is the only way to shape your body. People rarely challenge themselves when they work with weights. They lift the same amount of weights for the same number of reps year upon year and wonder why they are not seeing any progress. Their bodies may make minor changes in the beginning, but in time they will reach a plateau. In time, many people stop working out all together out of boredom....more

Winter Time Cardio- An Effective Treadmill Workout

Doing cardiovascular training is always a challenge, but in the winter it becomes even more challenging.  The days are shorter, and weather is often a factor as well.  Being a believer in cross training, I have my clients (and myself for that matter) do cardio a minimum of three and optimally five times per week, and they/we must pick a minimum of two different modalities.  Kickboxing, spinning, swimming, stair climbing and running are all satisfactory types of exercises to fulfill this requirement.  But nothing burns the fat, cardio wise, like running does. ...more

Enhance Your Assets with these Weight Training Workouts

Are you in a rut at the gym? Do you do the same weight lifting routine every time you go in? Or even worse, do you not lift weights at all? Don’t fret. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. MEGA CIRCUIT!!!...more

Resolutions to Executions...How to Get It Done!

A New Year’s resolution is only as good as its execution. Setting a goal or resolving to do something is the beginning of an action. Carrying it out is what creates the desired outcome. Historically, people become encouraged to do something different when one thing ends and another begins, hence January 1. Whether it is a diet, a new job, cleaning house or any other desired change. If resolutions have not worked in the past, perhaps doing them differently would make them stick. A plan with a timeline and accountability is necessary to implement change....more

How to Succeed In Fitness

Fitness is not optional! Wow, that sounds harsh. But if that becomes your mantra, you’re chances of success will skyrocket. How many times have you said to yourself that you may or may not work out on any given day?...more

Start Your Journey

Want to maintain a healthy weight & still incorporate the foods you crave? Thats exactly what I want & have started doing. I’m a carb junky, almost to the point I seriously thought I was addicted to junk food. I crave gummy candies constantly. Since I do love carbs I still have them…”everything is good in moderation”....more

Motivation in yucky weather

I love the month of October. I'm obsessed with pumpkin EVERYTHING (candles, wallflowers, pies, coffee, candy, etc. etc.) I love wearing tights and boots and men's sweaters with leggings.But with October comes midterms and stress and essays and cold weather.I like the slight temperature drop, but I hate what it does to my motivation.Can I be honest with you guys? This past week I didn't go to the gym at all. And forcing myself to go today was a battle. I did arms for half an hour and then I did cardio for ten  ...more

Recommended Cardio Work Outs!!

Everyone knows cardio is an important part of your work out, but that it can also get super boring super fast if you never change it up.For classes, I definitely recommend Zumba and other things that involve dance, which at my school, is called Cardio Funk, so that may vary by name at your gym.Those classes are super fun and super varied so that you don't get bored. But now that I have two jobs and five classes, it's really hard for me to get to the gym when they have classes scheduled - so I've started relying some more on machines and running outside....more

new experience: the warm up is not the work out

Hi folks,I went running on Tuesday, despite all the sore muscles and it went really well. So technically this post should be called run #1 & work out #2, but since the running is quite boring actually, I'm not writing about it.I have also decided that I will start to count from the beginning if I miss a work out due to acute laziness. A bit like an alcoholic starts to count from the beginning when they slip up....more