When Daddy's Away, Mommy Just Might Lose her Frickin' Mind!

My husband has been gone the past few days and it’s always stressful when he’s away.  I don’t really have much to complain about, I know there are mommies all over the world that have it worse and it’s certainly been worse for me in the past.  Hubby is only 30 minutes away but he “gets” to stay in a hotel (and not see us) for 3 full days which is nothing compared to the one week a month he was gone while we lived in Ireland or the 13 straight days he was gone when my daughter was a few m...more

Eating Alone When Traveling For Business

I have been really lucky this week while working in Flushing, New York. The engineers and operators that I have been working with have taken me out to breakfast and lunch every day. Normally when I'm traveling for work, I spend a lot of time eating alone. This is something that I have really had accept to get myself out of the hotel, to stop ordering room service and to do comfortably. ...more