I don't want to be fat on my wedding day and other Random Tuesday Thoughts

One. I don’t want to be fat on my wedding day. I’ve not stuck with my no-sugar, no-gluten diet and daily workout for the past several days. After losing almost 3 pounds in the first two weeks of eating very clean, I slipped up when I had to travel for work last week. I avoided all the pastries set out as snacks in our meeting room. I didn’t have a single coffee, even though I was two hours ahead of my normal body clock. But on Thursday night, I had three ...more

A Dozen Tips for Efficient Appointments

Have you ever arrived at an appointment to find that you have been stood up? Or the person with whom you were meeting didn't do what was necessary to make the appointment worthwhile? When appointments are thwarted, it is harder for you to reach your goals in a timely manner. Here are a few tips to help make your appointments most efficient: 1. Know the objective of the appointment before you agree to it. 2. Ask whether the appointment might be accomplished over the phone or via email, rather than meeting face-to-face, saving time. ...more

Using Your Drive Time Efficiently

Life is busy! And our time is finite. If we use our time well, life is less chaotic and we have more time for things we love. Here are a few tips for making the most of our travel time:     * Travel during non-peak traffic hours whenever possible.     * If flexible hours are offered at work, and it works for you, start your work day earlier or later than normal, saving hours by driving at off times.     * Carpool or ride public transportation if possible, using that time to do something else. ...more

A Dozen Ways to Take the Stress out of Big Projects

We all have big projects we must accomplish at different points in our lives. It may be a normal part of your job or a fund-raiser for your child’s sports team or doing a home improvement project. Whatever the case, if you plan ahead, you can eliminate much of the stress that could accompany a big project. Here are a few tips: 1. Break down your project into categories and then to specific tasks in each category. 2. Estimate the time it will take do each task. Err on the side of over-estimating rather than under-estimating. ...more

Smiling faces

I see hundreds of people a day. Sometimes thousands. I often work very long shifts so I know my make up , especially my lipstick is gone. Something that occurs to me as I smile for the 800th time and I feel my dry bare lips. The fleeting hope that I do not have something in my teeth accompanies it and I try to make a note to self to get a mirror for my desk! ...more

Mommy Wars...

I've been thinking a lot about the mommy wars recently. I'd actually never heard it called that, but a friend and fellow blogger posted about it recently and ever since I seem to find myself in conversations about it. It's referring to this seeming competition about our choices as mothers... do I work outside the home? Do I stay at home with the kids? Do I work from home? ...more

Are You a Victim of Singlism at Work?

At my last position in Corporate America, I was on the receiving end of a bully executive who was well entrenched with our C.E.O. This duplicitous "mean girl," ironically a movie she always cited, victimized many with her vicious rumor-spreading, mockery and verbal intimidation. With me, her point of attack was almost always aimed at my solo status. ...more

Thank you, David Letterman. You're a True Professional.

I find it shocking that people are still mad about David Letterman. Some feel his apology wasn't enough or it was all big show. What was he supposed to do? Lay down on the floor and beg and plead for forgiveness? Anyway, it's funny how we can all see the same thing, yet view it so differently. Here's my take on it... ...more

Are You Giving Up Freedom for Security, Status, & Comfort?

"Those who surrender freedomfor security will not have,nor do they deserve, either one."— Thomas Jefferson I think there are a lot of people out there who would nod their heads in agreement with this quote if we were having a political discussion about the Bush administration and our post 9/11 American culture. ...more

Take This Job, And....Suck It Up?

How does one deal with job frustrations in a time of economic strife and country-wide layoffs? A time in which companies are going through hiring freezes and the cost of everything from health care to food is going up? Do you voice your concerns and frustrations to your supervisor, in the hopes of things improving? Or do you suck it up and just keep doing what you're doing, for fear that you will get fired, and won't be able to find another job, in a timely fashion? Would an employee fire someone, for voicing displeasure with their job, or the ...more