Stay focused when working at home

Did you know interruptions consume 28 percent of an average workday? It's true. And interruptions can be even more time-stealing if you're working from home and not setting limits. Case in point: The other day I was working from home. That's ...more

Running Away to Join the Circus

There comes a time, at least for people like me (if there are indeed, other people like me, which the jury is still out on), when you have to get creative about what you're going to do to pay the rent (and the cable bill, because, well, life isn't worth living without old movies, re-runs of reality shows, and the science channel). Because you know, not to be too gloomy or anything, life is short. Or at the very least, its length is unpredictable. ...more

Let me see your Writer's License, please

Maybe I skipped a day in my English Literature classes when they explained this one, but I was always under the impression that "poetic license" was just a turn of phrase, not an actual license. Turns out I was wrong: according to an article I just read on Writers Weekly, entitled "She's Got a License to Write," it seems you really DO need a license to write. ...more

Time to De-stress

It's tough. People are grumpy and with budget cuts happening everywhere, well, it's just plain stressful. That got me to thinking of tips I've heard and used to create a little peace and relaxation in the middle of the day. ...more


A detox foot spa sounds wonderful! I could get use to relaxing with a foot ...more

Marriage vs. Pornography vs illness that lead to depression and loads of stress

                                               This is the List of my Life!  Things to know about me. ...more

Crazy Week...

This week has been absolutely crazy!  And by "week" I mean from Wednesday of last week to yesterday.  Because I work for myself, I don't have the same "structured" week that 9 to 5'ers do.  My "tech" guy and I get together on the weekends to work on my sites when we're both free.  I also meet up with people on the weekends for a lunch or a cocktail that are potential clients, etc.  I try to leave all of my free time for networking.  ...more

Latino Coalition- May 6th Economic Summit for Small Business Owners-Washington DC

If you are a woman-owned enterprise, this might be of interest to you. ...more

This sounds terrific! Look forward to hearing what you all cover.

Lisa Stone

About Time: A Reality-Tested Book on Breastfeeding

Books, like babies, take a long time to develop. My newest book, "Unbuttoned: Women Open Up About the Pleasures, Pains, and Politics of Breasetfeeding" took about 9 months to put together. And what an intense 9 months it was! I co-edited this anthology with my dear friend and writing partner of many years, Dana Sullivan. She, like me, is also a mom of three. After we wrote our first book, The Essential C-Section Guide, we wanted to follow-up with another title that took the same reality-testing approach on a mom-related subject. What better topic than breastfeeding! ...more

Even though I am past that stage, I am intrigued by this, and am always encouraging others to ...more

Building a Culture that Empowers

A business’ culture is what makes it unique. Just look at Apple and Microsoft. They both provide similar goods and services, but their cultures allow consumers to differentiate the two mega computer companies. Your culture is your competitive advantage, so be sure to create a remarkable one. ...more

Seven Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

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