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Age 8 and Earning Dough

At a mere 8 years old, my son would sell himself to the devil to make a buck.  Like my husband, he is motivated be the color and smell of green.  I, on the contrary, am motivated by passion.  But this blog isn't about me, or is it?   I signed my son with a local kids talent agency when the visit was truly intended for my extrovert of a daughter.  But with long locks and green eyes, my sons surfer looks are hard to ignore.  Hence, the call for go-sees and the EXPENSIVE treks into NYC. ...more

 I can't imagine that you are a bad mother. The fact that you are reflecting on the subject ...more

Let’s play a game

What was I thinking when I took this photo two days ago?: What's going on in that noggin? ...more

Lost in Suburbia

Thank g-d for Navigation! It skillfully guided me to the home of Tracy Beckerman, mother of two, newspaper humor columnist and author of "Rebel Without a Minivan." Stressed out of my mind due to my own work/life struggles, I hopped out of the car ready for a good laugh.  Tracy documents life in the burbs in such a tongue and cheek manner that her reading audience has grown to over 3 million moms, much like myself. ...more


"Take your work seriously, but never yourself." - Margot Fonteyn ...more

Why do you Work?

John 6 : 27"Do not labour for the food which perishes,but for the food which endures to everlasting life,Which the Son of Man will give you,because God the Father has set His seal on Him." Good Morning to all.I pray that today God's blessings and grace will be with you throughout the day. I pray that His annointing will sit heavily on you and that you will see His hand on all that you do. ...more

Inside FOX NEWS Desk with Jane Skinner

I never imagined that the idea I conceived of some 7 months ago would land me at the Fox News Desk with Jane Skinner.  Who would have thunk?  Jane is not only smart and kind, she is now an official mentor for the moms who join my social network at   ...more

Confessions of a Cereal Addict

In preparation for my interview tomorrow with Fox News' Jane Skinner, I bust out my laptop and a spankin' new box of cereal.  I tend to eat when I'm nervous or stressed or bored or ....  ...more


I went to see a movie last night in attempt at a girls night out which always has a hint of guilt attached to it (that's another blog post).   The movie was called Taken and for those of you mothers out there, don't see it.  It's stressful and sick and I only wished that the subject matter could be chalked up to being "just a movie". The plain truth is that the trafficking of young girls is a reality. ...more