Interviewed Lisa Bloom, Daughter of Gloria Allred and was Busted by cops after!

Huffing and Puffing on my treadmill -which can be compared to my treadmill of life -I start stressing over my 12 o'clock appointment.  Barely 3 miles in I hop off, race to shower, cover my pimples and fact check my materials.... The 12 o'clock appointment is with Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred- no pressure! ...more

How Do You Hang Up an Email?


Live Your Bliss Accountability Circle

Today, I invite you to join in the Live Your Bliss Accountability Circle, enCouragingBliss.  Use a link back to participate so that we might all support each other in our intentions and bring the power of many to our individual dreams. ...more

6 Ways to Use the Web to Find a Nonprofit Job

Yikes! One of today's New York Times' headlines is, Economy Shed 598,000 Jobs in January. If you're one of the folks looking for a job with a nonprofit right now, here are some ways to use the web to help with your search. ...more

Britt, I followed you over to BlogHer finally...and thought this reply might help folks over ...more

Avoiding Snark Attacks

Have you recently been the victim of a sexist remark? ...more

Friday Donuts in the Kitchen

I started my blog in between jobs. This meant I was able to write about past jobs without worrying about repercussion. But a month ago I got a new job and well – that’s all I want to write about. However, on week one of my new job I told everyone about my wonderful blog. Well - so … um … now I really don’t think I should write anything inappropriate about my new job. ...more

Slip, Sliding Away

Slip, Sliding Away...yes yesterday was a trial in my driving but I managed.  Will I be successful today.  Well, we'll see how I do.  I can't wait for spring.  Enjoy my post of the trials and tribulations of having a sloping drive in these icy conditions! ...more

Time Management for Busy Women

Too Much to Do, Too Little TimeIn this economy, if you have a job, you want to do everything you can to keep it. At the same time, many women are increasingly stressed on the job because layoffs leave them with even more to do. The work doesn't lessen just because your department was downsized. Focus only on the Vital Things ...more

Lay-off Remorse

Like so many other companies across America my company is forced to let people go in order to cut costs.  It's a horrible environment.  Each Friday we all walk around with scared looks on our faces waiting to hear about the next set of unfortunate names to be added to the list of laid off co-workers.  The situation is sad.  ...more

Being president isn't a job I would want, but no one made them take it.

I never know what I'm going to get when I open my BlogNosh email. Could be about parenting, travel, life, food... anything. I just know it's pretty much guaranteed to be well written and pertinent. I love BlogNosh; it helps me discover great new bloggers. ...more