A different take on work: On escaping the “emotion work” of everyday life in Istanbul

As one half of aTurkish-American marriage, you notice some cultural differencesright away – and others slowly by slowly. In thinking about cultural differences in this roadtrip called our marriage, work is a key piece when it comes to cultural difference – and as my theme of the month is “work,” due to my par...more

You know all the answers already!

I recently discovered Penelope Trunk’s blog, Brazen Careerist. It has a fantastic name, doesn’t it? She does, too. ...more

Sinking Into Sweet Uncertainty

(guest post by Annie) I’m on the verge of giving notice at my job, at a place I’ve worked for nearly nine years, the school I came to straight out of high school. I have been here for 12 years, my entire adult life. ...more

There's No Such Thing As Laziness

I’ve wanted for a while to start writing about a different abuse-related myth every Monday. Because they start with the same letter, of course! And there are so many different common, harmful ideas that come from abuse. Like laziness. ...more

For Worse

Today's For Better Or For Worse strip is funny because it's so far removed from reality. It's not unusual for small children to draw all over the furniture. And it's not unusual for abused children to freak out when they mess up or break something because they know their parent's response will be so scary. What isn't going to happen is that a child who is old enough to analyze the situation and predict that his mother will freak out will go ahead and draw all over the couch and then get upset about it. ...more