MAC Makeup Romanticizing Mexican Women's Oppression Ends New Line

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Tell Mott's You Want Your Apple Sauce Without Classism

On May 23, three hundred workers from Mott’s apple sauce and juice plant in Williamson, New York, went on strike. Their complaint? A major slash in pay and benefits -- even though Dr. Pepper Snapple, the parent company of Mott’s, brought in a record profit last year. ...more

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High-School Dropouts: A Workforce "Tragedy"

High-school graduation rates in the largest U.S. cities are abysmal. A report released this week by America’s Promise Alliance says in the 50 largest cities, about half of all students in the main school systems graduate from high school. These rates, the report says, are "considerably lower" than graduation rates in urban areas: ...more

Making Sense of a Softening Job Market

For the U.S. economy, the hits keep coming. In February, employers cut jobs by the largest amount in five years. According to the Associated Press: For the second straight month, nervous employers got rid of jobs nationwide. In February, they sliced payrolls by 63,000, even deeper than the 22,000 cut in January, the Labor Department reported Friday. The grim snapshot of the country’s employment climate underscored the heavy toll the housing and credit debacles are taking on companies, jobseekers and the economy as a whole. ...more

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The Best Places to Work

There's no such thing as a perfect job. Or is there? Fortune's annual look at the 100 Best Companies to Work For begs the question, offering a raft of reasons why these workplaces are top-notch. ...more

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

Trouble is afoot for middle-class workers. You don't have to go far to hear people talking about it. In today's Wall Street Journal, for example, David Wessel writes that middle-class earnings are taking a beating: "... the fact is that the remarkable burst of productivity of the past decade has not been widely shared with the women or men living at the middle of the American middle class." ...more

America needs more skilled IT workers. Or does it?

There's a chasm cutting through the IT job market, according to a BusinessWeek story. Technology workers say they can't find enough good jobs, while tech companies say they can't find enough skilled workers--and they're pushing for immigration reforms for access to more high-skilled workers from abroad. According to the story: ...more

Getting Hired After Being Fired

Getting fired is humiliating and frustrating. It's a blow to your ego and self-worth, not to mention bad news for the future of your career. But does a termination forever banish you to the fringes of the working world? Continue reading ... ...more

Model/Actress Ponderings

Are you familiar with the snark-inspiring "model/actress" label? ...more

Labor Day: From Whence We Came

Labor Day is one of the BIG SIX holidays - the ones that unless you work in retail, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, transportation,the media and public safety - you probably have the day off. It is a confusing holiday. With just 9% of the American workforce aligned with the labor movement, the holiday has taken on a personality that has more to do with marking the end of summer than honoring those people who fought to improve working conditions. Unprotected workers have been on my mind this weekend having just finished reading Water for Elephants. However, it wasn't until I looked at the questions for the book club reading guide that I connected the dots that this wonderful story was also a story about the quintessential American worker. Here is the question that caused me to pause. In what ways and to what degree do Uncle Al's maneuvers and practices regarding the defunct Fox Brothers circus reflect traditional American business practices? How would you compare his behavior with that of major businessmen and financiers of today? What alternative actions would you prefer? ...more