Who Would Want to Hire Me?

You were happily married, you got pregnant and the decision was made that you would stay at home and raise the children.  It may be 5, 10 or even fifteen years since you have been in the workforce.Now you find that your marriage is coming to an end and you need to re-enter the workforce to earn a living.  And the thought is simply terrifying....more

Brushing Up on Soft Skills: 10 Lessons from Preschool

There’s been a lot of talk about “soft skills” lately, they continue to be an important differentiating factor for job seekers, employees and employers in the current market. Beyond the technical skills and education (“hard skills”) required to do a job, employers are also looking for the traits that influence how we work individually and with our teammates....more

Survey Says: Employers Feeling a Talent Shortage

The 2011 Talent Shortage Survey1 results have been released, and news is mixed for job seekers. By being forced to reduce their workforce and find ways to “do more with less” during the recent recession, businesses have found that they can do great things if they have the right talent in place. What is interesting is that while companies are not planning to increase their staff back to the pre-recession levels, they are looking for the “right” people, and apparently having a difficult time finding them....more

Business and Your Education


The Pay Gap Is Your Fault!

Yes, Virginia, there is (still) a pay gap. And, gals, this is your fault! Just in time to open the new year on a note of intellectual dishonesty, here’s a hit parade of recently reiterated alleged facts about why women make less than men in most circumstances. ...more

Some years ago, I worked as a marketing director for a large nonprofit organization. The time ...more

Women May Soon Be Majority of Workforce

A full three weeks before the front page of The New York Times blared As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in Job Force, their own economic blogger, Casey B. Mulligan broke the news to blog readers: women are, for the first time, more than 49% of the workforce. ...more

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High-School Dropouts: A Workforce "Tragedy"

High-school graduation rates in the largest U.S. cities are abysmal. A report released this week by America’s Promise Alliance says in the 50 largest cities, about half of all students in the main school systems graduate from high school. These rates, the report says, are "considerably lower" than graduation rates in urban areas: ...more

Getting Hired After Being Fired

Getting fired is humiliating and frustrating. It's a blow to your ego and self-worth, not to mention bad news for the future of your career. But does a termination forever banish you to the fringes of the working world? Continue reading ... ...more

Let's Get Our Workforce Out of the 1950s

Is a computer worth more to a company than a female executive who makes six figures and has loads of client relationships? It might be, according to a New York Times article on Sylvia Ann Hewlett's recent book, "Off-Ramps and On-Ramps," about women re-entering the workforce after time off to care for children, parents or other reasons. ...more