A New Series!

Ross has gotten started on a new series! Here come airplanes!!!  He starts by designing the images in a program called SketchUp, which lets him make 3D models of the planes. He loves this, because he loves planes and engineering. It's a perfect match....more

Adventures of a WAHN (Work at Home Nana) | How I Decide on a Craft Show Venue

We turned in the parking lot slowing to pay the $5 parking fee. The man at the gate took our $20 bill and asked if we had anything smaller, calling my husband Big Spender. This made me giggle a little as he handed back two id="mce_marker"0 bills in exchange. As we drove away we realized he just gave us back the $20 we paid. He didn’t have change, so played it off without questions for the next guy....more

Greenbox shoot part 1

Greenbox shoot, part 1 Yesterday I had the privilege of shooting some of our kids tees with a good friend of mine, Miss Angela Smith. Check her out @ http://www.angelasmithphotography.ca/ - That shot of the lovely blue eyed baby, that's my boy Max. The other two boys couldn't be bothered with the camera, despite Angela's efforts. Max tried to poke his little head into every shot....more

Perverted Feminism: Men Have To Have Mistresses

 Full Disclosure: I've never had a problem with prostitution.  If you can get paid for doing something, then more power to you....more