Working from home 101

Tips for setting up meetings with remote team members

This article is a reminder to our colleagues at the home office about some of the basic things we would like for them to consider when setting up meetings with their remote team members. ...more

No Need to be Embarrassed to Work From Home

During a recent flight I was more outgoing than usual and spoke to the woman sitting next to me and not only because she was holding a large bag of chocolate covered almonds. We asked each other the typical “What do you do?” questions and I told her that I help business owners who work from home (instead of my typical people-repellant answer: "I sell insurance.")...more
Totally agree with you. Even I have few friends who are doing very well but still, they are ...more

Are Your Friends Taking Advantage of Your Skills and Expertise?

Friends fall into two categories: the ones who respect you, your time, and your expertise, and the ones who need a gentle reminder.Last week as I was juggling three projects due in two days and getting ready to leave town, I received this screaming text:"I NEED YOU TO HELP ME PICK OUT HOME OFFICE FURNITURE TOMORROW!!!”...more

Crap Happens When You Work From Home

Life is messy....more

6 Ways to Turn A Bad Day Into A Good One

You know those days when everything clicks and you can’t believe how amazing you are? You replay the highlights of the day in your head like you're the star of an epic movie about your life. You tell yourself you can accomplish anything and you even do the happy dance. You are awesome! ...more
msmarcie Yes! Both are great ideas.more

What Do You Do When Your Horrible Boss is You?

I've come a long way from when I worked for a jerk. This awful boss demanded long work hours, rarely took breaks and scheduled deadlines that were impossible to meet. She was annoying, a perfectionist and impossible to please.The horrible boss I worked for, was me.When I reminded myself I left the corporate world to get away from the exact type of boss I had become, I gave myself a break and gave up my awful boss habits. If you're ready to work for a boss who is understanding, reasonable, and respectful of your time and talents, there are a few simple changes you can make....more

5 Ways to Keep Your Family From Resenting Your Business

Image via iStock...more

If You're Working From Home Are You Playing Hooky?

 An open letter to Kate Spade from a confused shopper:Dear Kate Spade,I am a huge fan of the must-have purses, stunning shoes and gorgeous clothing within all your collections. Actually, I own one of your purses (a real one, not a knock-off), but to be honest, I didn’t buy it. My sister bought it last year and decided she wanted something bigger so she gave her gorgeous purse to me. I love it, so technically that makes me a loyal customer, right?...more