Cooped up and lonely

After a completely non-scientific, multi-year study that consisted of me questioning other women, it turns out that this is the typical life cycle for women who work from home:...more

What I wore Wednesdays - Link up with The Pleated Poppy

  In my new life at the lake, I work from home.  I couldn't be more blessed if I tried and honestly I pinch myself every morning as I start my work day from my home office, pictured below.  Mr. Handy had this little area built for me so I could have a place to actually sit down and work that would have the feel of an office space, but still fit nicely into our little home....more

20 Things I Love About Working from Home

Almost three years ago now (I truly can't believe it's been so long!), Peter and I moved to Windsor, Ontario, and I started working from home (part-time) for my employer in Victoria, BC. Though I'd never really seen myself as the work-from-home-type prior to giving it a try, I quickly discovered that it actually fits me well—and that furthermore, I absolutely love it. ...more
Velvet S. All the best - I hope something happens for you soon!more


I actually enjoy working in the office.  I like talking to people face to face, find it easier to create or solve things in person and thrive on the social interactions.  I get motivated by the energetic buzz around me and find it easier to keep up with the latest company news when present.  Also let me not forget the pleasure I take in our excellent snack selection plus I have a little bit of a Vitamin Zero addiction that needs fueling.  ...more

Working from Bed - Yay or Nay?

When I first decided to officially be a ‘freelance writer’ (whatever that means), I was working from a desk in our bedroom. However, as we have electric heating (read: expensive), when it turned colder I soon took my work and crawled into bed, seeking warmth....more

Unpaid Writing Positions- That's NOT a JOB!!

 Warning! This is not a warm and fuzzy blog post....more

Recovering an Old Desktop

When we moved over to Wichita my mom gathered up all my belongings that she didn’t want/need in her house anymore. One of those things was a desk. It was my childhood desk that my mom brilliantly put together. It’s two cabinets from Walmart with their original tops taken off and replaced by a large peace of plywood covered in fabric....more

Child Care Costs and Limited Leave: Why I Left Teaching to Care for My Own Kids

Spiraling childcare costs and limited leave meant I had to make the tough choice: to teach kids, or to care for my own family. ...more
Enjoyed reading your article.  This rings so true for so many families, mine included.  It's an ...more

getting the balance right when working at home with the kids

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