Making Ends Meet as a Freelance Writer

For those individuals who may be considering taking up freelance writing, there are a few very particular skills that you will likely need in order to survive. The days of starving artists are far from long gone, despite what some might think. It honestly does not matter if you are a writer, editor or even both. Freelance writing is a tremendously challenging industry. It requires constant hustle alongside networking, proper time management and project management in order to be a success or even to just squeeze by....more

Working at Home With a Baby

I did a post before about my crazy daily schedule on the days that I go to work. A few people have requested that I write a post about how I manage working at home while taking care of a baby. I’ve been thinking about it and it’s hard to describe exactly how my day goes, because every day is so different. In fact, yesterday I ended up having to work from home an extra day because my baby was sick and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to daycare. Look at this face…even smiling when he feels like poop. ...more
Hah. Which is why I took most of the week off while JMP was here. I'm very glad my kids are ...more

Working at Home over 40 – Fast Track to Middle-Aged Wasteland?

Working from home, on your home, or partial telecommuting?...more

How do some parents do it all?

I've got it pretty good. This I know. Things have changed a little bit with Athena starting school and me dipping my toes back into real estate, but a typical 24 hour period for me goes a little something like this now: ...more

Stay-at-Home Mom Kerfuffle

With the kerfuffle about Ann Romney having been a stay-at-home mom, I thought I would chime in about stay-at-home moms.There is no question that it is a luxury to have even had the choice. When my first daughter was born, I was a stockbroker for Morgan Stanley, making more money than my lawyer husband. I began working at home for a few months, keeping my options open, even as I felt in my gut that I just wanted to stay home with my baby....more

[365day Career] Workin it freelance-style

So you're a hot freelancer with a home office huh? It's a pretty sweet deal when you set up to work on the couch and go thru your checklist: Work tunes? Check! Laptop? Check check! Plan of attack? Uh.... ...more

10 Tips for Losing Weight While Working From Home

Inactivity and fear of gaining 100 pounds are my biggest challenges as a freelance writer - but I’ve actually lost weight since I went full-time a year ago! Here are tips for losing weight and eating healthy while working from home, from myself (me?) and other writers. 1. Stand while you write. My biggest complaint about writing from home fulltime is the constant sitting. It’s bad for your digestion, glute muscles, and back…so I stand! ...more

Almost Functional

I’ve had a very small week. ...more