Embrace Yourself & Live the Life You Are Meant For

Recently I had a moment of self-discovery. It wasn’t exactly a complete epiphany about who I am. It was more a rediscovery or redefinition of something I already knew about myself.Something that I had never fully embraced.Something I had always considered a weakness.It was empathy.Yes, that was it. Empathy...more

ALL Moms Are "Working Moms", Regardless Of Where They Spend Their Day

This letter is an older one, but an interesting one!  --T.K.Dear Tazi-Kat:...more

When you're sick, you need your Mamma

It’s amazing how a call from your child’s day care can change everything. So can one little word from your toddler....more

Stay At Home vs Working Outside Of The Home

I started a new job last week. Well, not really a new job. More like an old job at a new place.The adjustments are taking some getting used to. Not being home with the kids is the biggest one, of course. I have to admit, the break from this chaos that I call motherhood has been nice in it’s own way. On the other hand, I’m mourning the time I had with my babies....more

There's No Crying at Work ...

There's no crying at work, right? Unfortunately for me, the answer is yes. Not because I want to cry, not because I am a woman, not even because I am going through hard times .... nope I cry simply because I can't help myself. Oh believe me, I have tried to be that tough as nails person. I have gone to supervisors, co-workers, counselors, mentors, life coaches, family, and friends for advice....more

A Bike, With A Baguette In The Basket

 @sassymonkey Certainly. It's your daydream! :-)more

On the way I look.

This post isn't meant to sound whiny or like I don't like myself or anything. I am just laying out some basic facts about myself and the way I feel about that. I love myself. I love being a mommy. And that is that. I'll get to the point at the end.    Before I had a baby, I prided myself on all of the cute little ensembles I could put together. I loved wearing cotton sundresses and heels....more

One Shot - the elevator pitch, your 2 minute commercial and how the Resume / CV has changed

If you’ve been out of the job hunt for a while, you should know that the rules have changed in this competitive climate – on both sides of the Atlantic.  What follows doesn’t just apply to landing that next job....more

Career Success: Soft Skills bringing sexy back

In a study conducted in the US and Europe interviewing senior managers across industries, it was asked what skills they value most in the people they hire. Turns out, it’s the soft skills that tip the scale unanimously. .Time to get your sexy on. Here's what they are: http://www.inrshoes.com/conversation/2011/12/soft-skills-what-hiring-managers-look-for/...more

Not even my Louboutins could save me from “the Puppet Breakup” Incident.

 The Puppet from The Puppet Breakup Music Video...more