My Pinterest Summer

Summer is nearing its lovely, hot-humid-long, and many-dreary-dark-days end. We are gearing up to the SCHOOL YEAR! This means we see more of his boys and my kids are back from their summer vacation in CA with their dad.To while away the days of (mostly) kid-free weekends, I put together a little Summer Bucket List....more

Back to School Madness

Word of Wisdom Mom - Let's Share Our Wisdom,pass it on! ...more

This Is Not What I Had In Mind

I'm a mom who also works outside the home. While I am very thankful to have a stable, steady job, the work/child challenges that come with it can be extremely difficult sometimes. And since school starts tomorrow, I was looking forward to staying home and hanging out with the kiddos today. We busted hump all weekend to make sure that the laundry was done, the school stuff was ready, the uniforms prepped, so that the kids and I could do something fun together. Not only did my children want to stay home, they wanted to stay home and do nothing. NOTHING. ...more
It soon as we came home and did nothing. HA! @DesiValentine4more

Diary Of A Mom Of 6: My Decision To Return To School.

For years I’ve been Superwoman, squeezing a dollar out of a nickel to make sure my family had everything they’ve needed.  I’ve been a nurse, making sure that my kids scrapes and bruises were cleaned and bandaged. I’ve been a janitor, cleaning up after kids who go right behind me and undo everything that I’ve done.  But this past year has been one of the hardest in my life. I battled depression, a high-risk pregnancy, and homelessness to give my kids a better life.  ...more

First week back