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Motherhood as a Retreat from Equality

Great article in the New York Times today about the choices that women have made in Germany, where only 14% of women choose to go back to work their careers full-time after having their first baby and only 6% return to work the office after having their second. This is a stark difference from the 60% of women in neighboring France who have young children and continue to work outside the home....more
If our mothers had not been able to keep my daughter there is no way we could have both kept our ...more

Juggling Mama

Join me at my blog www.jugglingmama.com for all the best of a working mom!...more

10 Reasons Mommy Bloggers are Broke

1 - They have no intention of making money and no business plan or strategy.2 - They think they have to choose between making money or doing something with passion.3 - They believe if they work from home, they have to take less than a junior high school baby-sitter would take in exchange for 90 hours a week of scrounging for links and page views. And they keep talking about how lucky they are for the same reason....more

Equal pay for equal work

Last week I did an interview about how women can succeed in a man’s world. We had discussed why women don’t succeed - their reluctance to promote themselves, their belief that if they work hard they will be judged on merit, their perfectionism. They were all qualities which are remarkably familiar. The problem is all these qualities appear to be inbred in girls. ...more