Spend Less Save More: Flexible Part Time Jobs

Continuing with part time and flexible job opportunities today we have food ambassador and government worker. Food Ambassador – just a fancy word for product sampler, you know those people in stores you kids love to drag you too when they are giving out free samples of something the store just want you to take home. Well they actually make a great income source.Pass out food samples and possibly do in-store cooking demonstrations at local supermarkets.Pay:  An hourly wage based on the store’s rate....more

The Secret to Feeling Successful as a Working Mom

One of the hottest topics of the working world in our current times is the plight of the working mom.  That often seemingly illusive quest to “have it all.”Some believe it is possible, others see it simply as a pipe dream....more

The Self-Imposed Glass Ceiling

This post serves as more of a question than a statement. Lately I've found myself at a crossroads between career and family....more

He is giving me my SPACE!!

"He" is giving me my Space!Today I had a powerful lunch...it was intended to be a professional networking lunch....more
Thank you Ms. Patty! :-)more

Kids, Career or both… The ultimate question

For decades, women always find ourselves asking that question. Some want to stay home and ditch their careers. Some want to stay home for their kids but can’t afford to. Some simply have the luxury to do so. And some want to have both. And Whichever category that we pick, there is always that 'guilt' feeling. Guilty for not being able to do our best for our kids. Guilty for not being able to do something for ourselves. Guilty for not able to do the best of both worlds. But, one thing we all have to agree on, we want the best for our kids. ...more
 @HomeRearedChef Yes. Indeed you are very fortunate to be able to live off one income. My hats ...more

7 Ways to Make Money For the Holidays


Juggling Life by Nikki Mark

As National Work and Family Month (October) approaches, I can’t help but think about some new ways to better juggle life.  It’s not a new question, but I think it’s one that affects more and more of us, especially working moms such as me.  How do we know if we are getting it right? ...more

5 Career Resources For Moms Returning To Work

In October, after I lost my job, I shared 8 Job Hunting Sites For The Out-of-Work Mom. These were the sites I planned to utilize in my job hunt. I'm still utilizing them. There's been a few leads. On the very few interviews I've had, I came across and chatted with quite a few people....more