Worth A Try

I've blogged on Blogger for a few years- privately of course.  I don't want the world to think that they know my life or me.  Being a teacher forces me to be cautious on what is available online. My children's safety is a concern too because there are some wacky people out in cyberspace.  I write about my family for only the eyes of my husband and me.  If something happened to me, my children would have the blog to read.  It's my journal as a mom and wife....more

Dancing Crazy Barefoot in the Kitchen

Yesterday while driving back from a meeting, I heard Phillip Phillip's song "Home" on the radio. I car-danced like crazy to that song at a stop light and couldn't wait to get home and share it with my kids. From the moment he first auditioned for American Idol last year, I was cheering for him. That boy has music flowing through every fiber of his being. He cannot help but move as he sings. And he moves everything, all at once, in not always aesthetically pleasing ways, but it is movement born within the very nature of music and it makes me smile to see him so overcome with joy and rhythm....more

How I Make My Life Work (most of the time)

Right now I'm juggling a job in Manhattan at a very exciting firm, four kids, a wonderful husband, a 90 minute commute, a dog, cat and eleven chickens and some truly amazing friends. I love it. I get asked a lot how I make this work. I'm taking no credit for the fact that most of the time, it works. Really!...more