Marriage & Parents = Dreams OVER!

  I don’t consider myself the world’s most perfect mom. In fact I realize that I fall short in many areas. I do try to do my best as I’m sure all of us parents do. I also try to balance my life as a mom and my life as a grown adult who still has goals and dreams of my own and sometimes these worlds clash. In the very small, tiny, itsy bitsy town we live in kids and sports are the number one priority. It is an awesome place to raise your children. There are only 12 kids in my son’s class. Not CLASSROOM but GRADUATING CLASS....more

Won't you be, my Mentor?

Okay, so if you’ve been too busy lately (understatement we know) to log onto to read the wonderfully resourceful blog posts and to meet your fellow Butterfly Moms (we still love you), we’ll just have to personally deliver them to you from time to time: 1. ...more

Overcome Mom Guilt and Fear, has conducted a National Mom’s Survey and we thank those of you who have taken the time to complete it. The idea was/is to learn more about you, as moms and to design the most resourceful site to fit your needs. What we learned from a large majority of you is that GUILT is the number one obstacle preventing you from returning to work....more

Back to Work Mom

I have been a stay at home mom for 14 years. Even now when I am asked what I do, I nearly choke out, "I am a freelance writer and author" because I have always been a stay at home mom. No paychecks for me for over a decade. Though the paychecks are now coming in regularly, it still feels strange to think of myself as having a job in addition to motherhood. Let me tell you something right up front. It is hard to make the adjustment. It can be tough to change your perception when you have identified yourself in a particular way for so many years. ...more

I went back to work two years ago after being home full time for over 12 years. When I decided ...more