Is The "Bad Mom" Gremlin Running Your Life?

Do you ever hear yourself asking these questions? Why can’t I get I just get my life together better? Why am I always struggling to keep on top of my schedule, my kids and my work? How come it seems so much easier for other moms when it feels like such a struggle for me?What’s wrong with me?...more

Pocketful of Bands, Rings or Posies?

“If you can guess what I have in my pocket, you can have it. You will need to guess it before I reach home”, I heard my manager pamper her daughter with these promising words over the phone. It was her daughter’s tenth birthday and she had organized a party in the evening. This meant a long day at work for me. My manager shared her work load with me and took off early for her more important chores. Obviously, I had to complete my set of tasks as well. After closing the urgent issues, I decided to call home to inform I will be late. It was evening seven when I called home....more

Breastfeeding: A Series {My Story}

  Photo Credit: ...more

Working in the public to working at home....

I have always had a job out of the home. This is my first time of being able to work from home or at home as the case may be.....I quit my job due to having my wrist fused and having every intention of going back to work as the Utility Billing Clerk for the city I live in, first I asked for a 10 week leave of absence and was granted. The more my husband I discussed thinking I was not sure I would be healed after that and he said we are financially able for you to stay home....more

Marissa Mayer: Enemy of the Working Mother or Just a Hardass?

When I hear Marissa Mayer's name in the news these days, I'm not sure whether I want to laugh, cry or punch. As a woman, feminist and working mother, I'd be lying if I didn't say she made my skin crawl, regardless of her gender. When she made headlines back in July, I actually defended her a little. What can I say? She's a broad I truly hate to hate. ...more

Hey, Dance Teacher! Parents Work!

My cell phone rang yesterday at 3pm. I was in a meeting so I didn’t pick up the voicemail until 3:45. The message was from my daughter’s dance instructor. She was letting me know that my daughter’s 6pm Thursday dance class, was changing to a 5pm Thursday dance class, effective that night. In one hour and 15 minutes. Really? What if, like me, my husband took a 6:15 train home from the city?...more
@disenchant I can't imagine having a kid under 10 having a 7 pm class. When do they sleep?more

Embrace The Reality That We Can Not Have It All By Writing Your Own 'Departure Memo'

On weekdays, mothers and fathers arrive at my house after battling to get their children ready and out the door to drop their kids off at my home-based daycare. When they get here I can see the conflict in their eyes. They hate saying goodbye, but they have to work and most have to prepare to battle their next barrier of the day – traffic....more

The Mitt we know - @BethLindstrom

Last week I traveled to Philadelphia to attend a Women for Mitt Event with Renee Fry, former Secretary of Economic Development for Mitt Romney and also U. S....more

Sometimes Even The Simple Life Feels Complicated

Lately, I’ve been struggling A LOT with the challenge that all working mothers face: Balancing Work, Home and Family.  Working is not a choice for me... I must work in order to support my family, but... I also made the choice a long time ago to do whatever it takes to be at home with my kids, homeschooling them and raising them according to my beliefs and ideals. I have always taken the job of raising my kids very seriously. I believe that having children is such a privilege, and I’ve always tried to give them my very best....more

"Can I Have it All?" Is the Wrong Question

When I speak to groups of young women and men, more and more frequently the question I get isn’t “Can I have it all?” it’s “Should I have kids at all?” ...more