Hey, Dance Teacher! Parents Work!

My cell phone rang yesterday at 3pm. I was in a meeting so I didn’t pick up the voicemail until 3:45. The message was from my daughter’s dance instructor. She was letting me know that my daughter’s 6pm Thursday dance class, was changing to a 5pm Thursday dance class, effective that night. In one hour and 15 minutes. Really? What if, like me, my husband took a 6:15 train home from the city?...more
@disenchant I can't imagine having a kid under 10 having a 7 pm class. When do they sleep?more

Embrace The Reality That We Can Not Have It All By Writing Your Own 'Departure Memo'

On weekdays, mothers and fathers arrive at my house after battling to get their children ready and out the door to drop their kids off at my home-based daycare. When they get here I can see the conflict in their eyes. They hate saying goodbye, but they have to work and most have to prepare to battle their next barrier of the day – traffic....more

The Mitt we know - @BethLindstrom

Last week I traveled to Philadelphia to attend a Women for Mitt Event with Renee Fry, former Secretary of Economic Development for Mitt Romney and also U. S....more

Sometimes Even The Simple Life Feels Complicated

Lately, I’ve been struggling A LOT with the challenge that all working mothers face: Balancing Work, Home and Family.  Working is not a choice for me... I must work in order to support my family, but... I also made the choice a long time ago to do whatever it takes to be at home with my kids, homeschooling them and raising them according to my beliefs and ideals. I have always taken the job of raising my kids very seriously. I believe that having children is such a privilege, and I’ve always tried to give them my very best....more

"Can I Have it All?" Is the Wrong Question

When I speak to groups of young women and men, more and more frequently the question I get isn’t “Can I have it all?” it’s “Should I have kids at all?” ...more

The Dream

For a little background on this, please check out Cheap Wine and Cookies, my former blog.  Over there you'll find details on the three years that brought us to this point.       In about a year, I expect to leave the Marine Corps.  We will be moving.  These things are both moderately certain.  Everything else is a little up in the air:Ideally:     &nb...more

Desktop Beverage Station for the WIN!

Since I’ve recently returned to work there are some easy days and some hard days, but one thing is for certain, I am glad to be back at work.Here are 5 things I woke up thankful for today:...more

Just a Housewife?

Just when I thought I had nothing to write about, along comes another campaign faux pas. I am so grateful for people who say stupid things.I cannot believe in 2012 this is still a hot button issue.A Democratic ‘strategist’ named Hilary Rosen made the off-handed remark that Ann Romney was not qualified to discuss the economy because she had “never worked a day in her life”.Even I, someone notorious for putting my foot in my mouth, would be hard pressed to come up with a more idiotic statement than that....more

It's Going to be one heck of a busy week

My husband is in his second semester of grad school and it is killing us. Not to mention that our sex life is down to about once or twice per week plus I have to bear the brunt of parenting and household duties. What bothers me the most is, his school is about 40mins from home which makes it stressful for him to drive home after his 5pm class and then rush back to meet with his group for a project they need to finish which extends to midnight. So he ends up staying in school and sleeps in the library two or three times a week. I know, its ridiculous but his program is not forgiving at all....more

Fitness Expiriment: Move Like An Eight Year Old

Fitness resolutions are a drag.  Getting to the gym in January is cold, dark and tedious.  So how can you improve your fitness without being so serious?  I have decided that the solution is to “move like an eight year old”. ...more