Working moms multitask 48.3 hours/week ... and like it less than dads do

It's no surprise that moms multitask more than dads (48.3 hours/week vs. 38.9 hours/week); though I must admit that I was shocked to hear dads multitask 38.9 hours/week! I wonder if this means watching football and surfing the Web ... which is about the only time my husband can multitask. (This is no secret by the way. He'll be the first to admit it.)But I was also surprised to read that women find multitasking to be a much more negative experience - until I thought about it more ... and kept reading. ...more

technology rehab

When I was growing up, we didn’t have cell phones.  We didn’t have email.  What we did have, located in the smack center of our house on the kitchen wall (adorned with 1970’s fern wallpaper), was a regular home telephone....more

31 Days.. Leave the Nest Momma

Last night I had a terrible dream. In my dream I dropped Lala off at kindergarten with no snacks or lunch and forgot to pick up Little Em from daycare.I think I might be starting to feel a little uneasy about the changes that are coming next month....more

There’s Gotta Be A Way

 Someway, somehow – when I wasn’t looking – my tiny babies got big.And during that time the debate between being a stay-at-home-mom vs. working mother raged on. I am a working mother and I make no apologies for that. The Mrs. Cleaver ideal still persists: the perfect mother, waiting at home with a plate of homemade cookies and tall cool glass of bottled milk....more

Work by Day, Blog by Night

Am I crazy?  Maybe so.  Unlike most mommy bloggers I work full-time outside of the home.  I guess I am one of those people that try to add on another hat to keep the rest of them from falling.  Recently I did not receive a promotion that I worked very hard for.  I know I deserved the promotion so it was hard when I received the news.  However, I believe all things happen for a reason and it has fueled my fire.  I am still giving 100% at work by day but, I have also decided to step up my blogging at night. ...more

When I went back to work full time after my second maternity leave, I had to make up some time - ...more

The Lazy Days of Summer

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, a time to celebrate those who have served our country, spend time with family, barbeque, and hit the pool for the first time. For me, it has always marked the beginning of summer....more

Exhausted but fulfilled

"Exit Interview for a Mommy" just finished choking me up (BEAUTIFUL PIECE!), so let me get this off my chest. It's 11 p.m. over here and I had no idea that this day was about to be over, because I have yet to stop. I had one meal today, and just now remembered that because as I sat down to write I wondered why my stomach hurt. Could it be all the mayhem that took over my life today that's giving me a scatterbrain? Let's see... the twins got naked about four times, I retrieved several pairs of abandoned socks, washed and folded about six or seven loads... OH!...more

Discipline...and why I lack it!

Hello audience (or lack thereof!). It’s been a long time since I’ve written to you. You see, my job has kept me very busy and when I’m not working, I’m trying really hard to hold it together as a wife and mom and at least appear to the outside world as though I’m on top of my game. Yes, life is busy…and then came the holidays and it got even busier. Christmas card writing, present buying (and wrapping! and hiding!), party hosting, party going, baking, drinking too much, eating too much….yikes!...more

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Crib

“NOOOO! GO AWAY! GO AWAY!” I heard Parker screaming at my husband while I tried frantically to get ready for work. “Oh, crap,” was my only thought. Every once in a while, out of nowhere, Parker wakes up on the WRONG side of the crib. When this happens, he usually DEMANDS that only MOMMY can change him and get him ready. However, getting Parker changed and ready is DADDY’S job while Mommy finishes getting ready for work. We have the routine down to a science. It works. It is efficient and fast. It is predictable. Except on times like today....more

My Love/Hate Relationship with Sam's Club

Back in my twenties, when I was single and pulling in a great salary, I had a financial planner who told me, “you are at once the most promising client I have and the most frightening.” He went on to explain that I was promising because I was earning a great income from my consulting work, but frightening because I was blowing most of it on clothes and shoes. I confess … I was a shopaholic! During my shopping heyday, I was known to spend up to $600 a month on a couple pairs of pants and a great pair of heels. Why not?...more

There was a guy on it who pretty much only shops at Costco and he actually does save money. The ...more