Mommy Week in Review: Every Ounce Counts, Best Companies, and Owning Mommy Aches...and Cupcakes

I am ridiculously excited for our first Halloween! I'm having the mommy group over, and I'm making big girl cupcakes, and baby cupcakes. I was psyched to make carrot cake with nuts and candy corn on top, until someone reminded me both are a choking hazard...I will definitely be sending photos to the BlogHer Halloween Photoshare! My son is going to be Superman (of course...)....more

A Reaction to the Shriver Report: Women's Voices For Change

by Diane Vacca, for Women's Voices For Change ...more

I went through to Women's Voices for Change and read your most excellent article, then ...more

On Palin and My Public Apology

I need to publicly apologize to one member of the community who wrote to tell me that she was deeply offended by my tribute to Michael Jackson and in honoring his legacy. If you feel similarly, then I truly apologize to you too. Was it weird that he had young boys sleep over? Hell yeah! Was it even more bizarre that they slept in his bed? ...more

Real Housewives, including Jill Zarin

According to Wikipedia, a partnership is a type of business entity in which partners (owners) share with each other the profits or losses of the business. Although, Terry and I will tell you that our partnership extends far beyond this textbook definition. This past weekend Terry scored an interview with Jill Zarin, star of the Real Housewives of NYC. ...more

Killoren-Bensimon has been host of the IMG (business) fashion week, and of the IMG swim shows ...more

Memories of Michael

I learned that Michael Jackson, the legendary international 80's pop icon, died of a heart attack amidst my son's birthday party. As the kids caught wind of the news they simply took a brief pause before proceeding to scarf down their pizza. They don't "know" Michael the way we "know" Michael. ...more


Dr. Robi Ludwig and Julie Potischman are the Psychotherapists made available to you at MyWorkButterfly. We have enlisted their services because, according to our National Mom's Survey, we learned that the number one obstacle in returning to work was the GUILT of leaving your kids. Hear me now, I am included in this statistic. This is my story:My son came home crying this past week when he learned that I was not chosen as a chaperon for his field trip to Ellis Island. ...more

Humanizing Mothers

Video is such an important component of what makes MyWorkButterfly truly comprehensive. It not only allows us to differentiate ourselves in the crowded "mom" space, it brings to life the personal stories and journeys of so many women. The videos help to humanize celebrity mothers and peers, further engage you in the online experience and to prove our deep commitment to providing inspiration and mentorship. ...more