The Re-​​Appearing Act: When An Ex Returns

At some point in many of our lives, we will find some­one to whom we are des­per­ately attracted, and yet who end­lessly hurts or exhausts us. The stakes seem so high, the desire is so deep, but so too the pain. In her diaries, Anais Nin writes of Henry Miller: "this love will either kill or save me forever." Which will it be? Will the love slowly eat at your soul as you fruitlessly con­tinue to search for the grail while suf­fo­cat­ing in its tomb -- or will it give you the courage to cru­sade, to fight to the death, and to dis­cover some­thing truly sacred? ...more
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The Fine Art of Cherishing

It's no surprise that all our pets have enjoyed long lives. It's no surprise the friends my father makes stay friends for life. Or that he and my mother have been together as long as they have. There is a certain respect afforded to everything in one’s life that comes with this mentality of refusing to discard things. ...more
I love the parallels you draw between our disposable society and the ability to cherish. We ...more