Wages? What Is A Worker Worth

$7.25 an hour should be called a survival wage, not a livable wage or even a minimum wage.Those who are earning $7.25 an hour or slightly higher. Usual depends on such programs as snap (food-stamps) W.I.C housing vouches, and frequents food banks and other services, to survive.With cuts in the safety net programs it makes low income wage earners; life more difficult....more

A Job, Day Care, Good Pay: Single Moms Get Some Mojo

Single moms have it tough: trying to juggle work, child care, and (usually) carrying the brunt of the parenting solo makes for a very tough life. This people generally accept. But what a lot of people don't realize—especially certain politicians of late—is that single mothers represent two-thirds of the population that are living below the poverty line in America; looked at from another way, a full 27 percent of single mothers live below the poverty line....more