Grow Beyond That Stereotypical Mind

"Are you crazy to hire her for this job? She is engaged and will soon get married. Then she will have kids. Where do you see any scope of committed and dedicated job performance on her part? Employing girls like her is nothing less than providing a maintenance allowance to someone who doesn’t even care to pay back. Then, there’s huge pressure of ensuring security, transportation and whatnot to them and then their tantrums! Why are you inviting a headache for no good reason? Just hire a guy!"...more

I'm Getting Fired. Now What?

Not many people talk about getting fired from a job.  It is a demoralizing experience which is often outside of your control.  That, and you never want to get caught saying untoward things about your former employer (no matter how true they are).  It is no wonder people stay silent – especially when they are in the midst of the process....more

Are you ready for Today’s Video Conference? Let’s Compare our Checklists!

I run my business from home, so I am free to be comfortable while working. I don’t have to wear high heels or makeup every day....more

Sometimes Work is Just that Simple

The longer I'm in the work world, I have about 15 years to go before I can officially retire from Corporate America, I realize I have more patience at work. I'm not saying I don't get irritated and have problems with stupid people (they do seem to hire them in droves don't they) I just mean I am now able to allow them to be them and me to be me....more

Patterned Skirt for All Seasons: Remix It Up

 Not that it's news, but around here, ...more

American Women Rising to the Top Rapidly in Business!

Today, it's not uncommon to see women running the show in developing businesses throughout the United States. If you are a working woman, you will find the following Infographic, provided by Shieldfunding, fascinating. Check it out!   ...more

Social Media Profiles- The Official First Impression of the 21st Century

How to Work From Home Without Becoming a Recluse

One of the BIGGEST challenges I face when working from home is staying social. It is so easy to just get lost in your work - before you know it your weekend is gone and you haven’t seen anyone outside of your immediate family for three days. And I know for a fact that this is an issue that a lot of businesswomen deal with. The National Women’s Business Council found that 88.3% of women-owned businesses were non-employer, so the owner is the only employee. And there’s nothing wrong with that!...more

Catching Up With Yourself

These days it seems as if you are going 100 miles an hour. There is no stopping you because your path is clear. You are working to achieve your goals. Everything seems to be going your way. Your vision where you've wanted to go is so near. You're not sure where you're getting your energy from, but it seems endless. The days seem too short for you to accomplish all that you want to do. But you continue pushing forward as if there is no tomorrow. At one point, your body, mind, and spirit will want to take a break....more