5 Essential Tips for Disabled Working Women

Nearly 27 million women in the U.S. struggle with disabilities. Some people think women with disabilities have low self-esteem and they cannot balance work and family responsibilities. However, in reality they are reliable employees. They know the value of a job and possess incredible skills to face the challenges of life.At times, when they face a host of unfamiliar and intimidating responsibilities, they may feel confused and alone. However, despite the challenges, they do not allow their disability to suppress their aspirations. ...more

How to Gain Respect at Work

Having a hard time gaining respect at work? Tired of being at the bottom of the office totem pole? One of the hardest parts of being in your Terrible Twenties is starting out in your career. Employers often treat entry-level professionals like they're fungible. And who can blame 'em?? At least with regards to the legal job market, there are hundreds of applications for every one vacancy. Can't cut it? No worries, there are 50 others just like you, lined up and ready to start tomorrow....more