Lifting Up not Leaning In is Key to Helping Women Get Ahead

What a lot of attention the book Lean In by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has generated.The self-help book,mostly geared towards college-educated women who are or want to be on the executive track, promotes believing in oneself, taking risks and pursing ambitious goalsas tactics for personal and professional success.Whether or not you agree with Sandberg’s focus, there’s no doubt that she’s part of an ongoing national debate on the struggles of working women which highlights the challenges facing women in low-wage jobs, even if that wasn’t her intent....more
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What Women Really Want from Work

What do women really want from work? So much talk about women rising to the C-level ranks and work-life balance for working mothers that sometimes the real core of the matter gets lost in terms of what all women want. In this post, Katie Kelley takes a look at the recent reports "She’s (Rarely) the Boss, New York Times" and New York Magazine’s, “Want More Women in Leadership? Help New Moms” and adds her own spin to the conversation. ...more

Binders Full of Women Come Up Empty

The equation couldn't be easier. Women represent more than half of the electorate and nearly half the workforce. So you'd think that President Obama and Governor Romney, vying to win the women's vote, would focus on pay equity and its direct link to a healthy economy. But no, it took a woman to raise the question just three weeks before the presidential election....more

The Media and the Election: Where Are the Working Women?

Both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney's celebrated convention speeches last week highlighted their role as mothers rather than using the moment to discuss the issues women face in the workplace, including the pay gap. ...more

Quotas - 100% women

Businesswomen in Saudi Arabia have proposed a women-only city so that career minded women can have the privacy accorded them by Sharia customs. Creating 5,000 jobs, this will give women greater independence while observing gender separation at work. There will be training opportunities to develop women’s talents in the initial areas of textiles, pharmaceuticals and food processing....more

I Do, Therefore I Am! Aren't I?

After I finished my psychiatry residency, I was working at Mount Sinai Medical center in NYC.  I was friends with another doctor who was a few years ahead of me. She was pregnant with baby number two. One day, a group of us were schmoozing over lunch. We asked her how she was able to  juggle her kids and her work. Her parents were both successful, and she began to discuss how she and they had handled careers and kids. ...more
I have been a certified performance freak but I am recovering with God's help. I try to remember ...more

Things I Invent at My Day Job, Like Spankles

@brisher7 my image of the song "wild fire" is changed this day forward! Belly laugh! Hugs, Karymore

Are Women Less Ambitious As They Get Older?

I read this blog on Huffington Post today - Motherhood Not to Blame for Women's Waning Ambition, Survey ShowsHere is the link: actually believe there is a good side to this survey. Maybe I should have said a healthyier side. Consciousness is building up in the workplace and as the level of consciousness takes hold within a culture, and this is one of the core elements the survey is highlighting. It's not surprising that women are the one's who are making the biggest wave....more

Why You Should Choose a Mentor, Part 2

Sorry for the delay.  Here are the next 2 reasons why you should choose a mentor: Successful women entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a mentor.  In fact, developing a portfolio of mentors to meet different aspects of your life, both personally and professionally, is paramount!...more

Things that make my head burst into flames

I've been working in my chosen career since I was nineteen years old. I started as a part-time college intern....more