What Do You Do When Your Horrible Boss is You?

I've come a long way from when I worked for a jerk. This awful boss demanded long work hours, rarely took breaks and scheduled deadlines that were impossible to meet. She was annoying, a perfectionist and impossible to please.The horrible boss I worked for, was me.When I reminded myself I left the corporate world to get away from the exact type of boss I had become, I gave myself a break and gave up my awful boss habits. If you're ready to work for a boss who is understanding, reasonable, and respectful of your time and talents, there are a few simple changes you can make....more

I Want to Poo When I Feel Like It

The best part about the weekends or any days off from work is that I can poo when I want.  You know you're going to have a good day when you have the chance to poo in the morning.  I don't know about you, but for me, I need a little bit of time after I wake up to brew up a batch.  Having to wake up then immediately get ready for work puts too much pressure on me to get the proper brewing process going.  This ultimately leads to a forced bowel movement, which isn't fun or ideal, OR not pooping before work at all, which is THE WORST.  It makes me bloated and gassy and...more
MariaCMeow always a pleasure xmore

You're Not the Boss of Me

Little kids, especially toddlers, are fearless, aren’t they?  Not necessarily in a physical sense, like being unafraid of climbing the highest tree or skating downhill without a plan for stopping.  I’m thinking more about how they approach life.  While they understand a pecking order and that the very tall people (a.k.a....more