Sink or Swim

When to Take a Nap

 I know when I reach my limits – there is a lot of crying, naps, and wine involved. I reach my limits on a regular basis. About quarterly I need to stop, regroup, reassess, rearrange some part(s) of my life. This is just my nature. I like a mix of orderliness and newness (two things that don’t always jive with one another). When I was a kid I would tear my bedroom apart playing imaginary games.  My bedroom served as a pirate ship, a haunted mansion, a prairie schooner wagon, a classroom, an office, a castle, and my future Grown Up Self’s fabulous mansion....more
J-MOM  Absolutely! I think as moms we often put ourselves last.more

Not “One-Size-Fits-All”; Maternity Leave Isn’t The Same for Every Mom

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, announced that he will take two months of paternity leave. A few months ago Yahoo’s chief executive, Marissa Mayer, announced that after she gives birth to twins she will be taking two weeks of maternity leave - the same amount of time she took with her first child. The news caused mixed reactions and in depth conversation globally because she’s not just a CEO - but a CEO with a uterus....more

5 Ways Being a Working Mom Sucks

I feel ya!!!! power on!more

Pursuing Your Dreams and Taking Your Children Along For The Ride

Photo: Courtesy of Domini Hedderman ...more

3 Tips for Organizing the Everyday Crazy

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how, as a working mom, I keep our life organized. How do we get out of the door in the morning in one piece, sane and on time? How do you juggle work time and family time? How do you keep it all balanced?  Well friends, allow me to be honest. I don’t really have a concrete answer to those questions because on any given day, life happens. The day care calls un-expectantly to ask you to pick up a sick kiddo. You get a flat tire. Starbucks is out of pumpkin spiced lattes (the freaking horror!)....more

I Admit It: 5 Ways I've Become "That Mom"

One day last week as Chickie played with her toys and basically managed to turn our living room into a war zone (But seriously, how do they know to bring out every. single. toy. they own??), I watched with great curiosity and anxiety as I thought to myself, “Hmmm. Wonder how I’m going to get her to clean up this mess…”  Here lately, obediently listening to mommy and daddy and doing as instructed hasn’t been high on Chickie’s to do list. It’s no surprise, really. A lot of it has to do with her age....more

Time to shift from traditional child care

Currently today only 30% of children have stay a stay at home parent. I have been on both sides of this statistic, and it has given me a passion to help contribute innovating thinking to this issue.  I can go on about how hard it was to return back from maternity leave and cry in my office. I can also tell you how I gave up a professional career to start a home business and be with my children. However, I still feel for the parents I interact with daily, and sympathize with t...hem....more

The Universe Says Yes!

It is incredible when the universe confirms you are on the right path.  Often I find myself setting a course in the hopes it is correct.  It is only after much work and worry I admit the course was wrong.  ...more