How Productive Is Your Productivity?

Several weeks ago, I went to the library with my son. While he stood in line to retrieve his prize for participating in a program, I went to retrieve a prize of my own: The 4-Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss. I went to the clerk’s desk for assistance:Me: I’d like to check if you have a book here.Clerk: Sure, I can assist you with that! What’s the name of the book?Me: The 4-Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss....more
AllAroundDogs I understand completely! It's so hard to get everything we need to get done, plus ...more

Debunking 4 Myths of Retirement

CarlyT Wonderful and valid points, thank you! I'm interested in reading the stories you've ...more

3 Keys to The Success of Serena Williams

Serena Williams is, without a doubt, one of the greatest tennis players of our time. In fact, some will contend that Serena's greatness goes beyond the tennis court. To this point, Ian Crouch recently wrote a post for The New Yorkerwhere he presents the argument that Serena is the greatest American athlete. While Crouch's opinion is debatable, Serena's distinction is undeniable....more

Interview with a World Citizen

 Do you remember the 90's show, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" It was a kids’ game show on PBS where clues were given to the contestants as they feverishly tried to figure out which new and exotic location Carmen ran off too. ...more

What's Your Career Plan B?

   Have you ever thought about what you would do, if your current current career was no longer an option? What is your plan B? ...more

The Nightclub Diaries Chapter 2- Cast of Clowns (Characters)

I wonder if I should change the names?  But then I think if they want a different version they can write their own damn blog....more

Stop! Don’t Listen to Advice that Women Can Plan Our Way to Worklife Fit

I am so fed up with advice from people telling women that if they just make the right personal choices at the right time in the right order then there is no problem fitting career, marriage, and kids into our lives. ...more

Why White Space is Too Important to Ignore

Allow white-space in your calendar. I know that sounds blasphemous but really nothing substantial happens in a vacuum. Nothing new can be created unless there is room to allow for forward movement. Too much of anything, even good things are still too much....more

Taking Back Happiness

Bloggers Hollee Schwartz Temple at and Meagan Francis at TheHappiestMom have just published new books on happiness.  Katherine Stone, who writes about women’s emotional health at Postpartum Progress and ParentDish, sat down to talk to them about life’s holy grail. ...more

I've been a fan, of The Happiest Mom, for a while. Thank you, for such a great ...more