"and mom you said I never had a chance of winning."

",,, and Mom, you said I never had a chance at winning!" This is the accusation  reminder my son shouted at me as I was loading the dishwasher and counting the minutes before bedtime.   Last night after I had just said good night to my boys, my middle son {MS}** comes running down the stairs shouting:  "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom .!!!!!."  "Guess what?.. Guess What?" I was thinking he must have seen a coyote and didn't want me to let the dogs outside. Or, he found a single facial hair.  That's where my mind set was last night....more

Can Women Have it All?

Can women have it all?I have 4 sons ages 19, 16, 13, and 9, a small business, and I'm in nursing school full time.  I feel so fortunate every day that these are the challenges that I get to face and that I have the health, energy, and stamina to do the things I love.  ...more

Do You Work During Your Vacation?

When my vacation officially started on Monday morning, I wandered over to the BlogHer Facebook page and posted this: "I'm on vacation! I'm also doing just a wee bit of work this morning. Do you work through your vacations?" There were an awful lot of people who said that they did. Those comments led to Suebob's great post about working vacations, which spawned Mir's great post about working vacations. Both women make very compelling arguments for non-working vacations but... ...more
I try very hard not to work during vacation.  Like all of us, I work very hard with long days ...more