6 Exercises You Can Do on the Stairs

I wasn't ever really an outdoor workout type of person until recently when I've thought about all the amazing locations and "equipment" you can use (for free!). You know, park benches, jungle gyms, and trees just to name a few. Living near a huge park and a nice bay with scenic views is inspiring some awesome workout ideas, I have to say. I created this workout that you can do pretty much anywhere there's a staircase. While it was intended to be one for the outdoor staircases you might find in a park, you can also do this workout in your own home or in the office building if you're so inclined. ...more

6 Excuses Why You Don't Want to Work Out and the Reasons Why You Still Can

Believe me, I have given myself every single excuse in order to avoid exercising. And when a fitness routine hasn’t been established quite yet, I’m sure we can all agree that’s the time the excuses really start to fly. So whether you’re tired or just plain broke, check out these solutions to stop making excuses and start becoming healthier....more

Dear Creepy Old Dude...Stop Staring!

Dear creepy old dude that kept staring at me at 24 Hour Fitness (and any other guy who enjoys awkwardly checking out girls).It's gut-churning to be checking me out at all, but when I am a sopping, pit stained mess of disgustingness, well that just hits a whole new level of "puke in my mouth."...more

Sweating it out

Did you know we have 2.6 million sweat glands in our system? I think some of mine should have dried up by now! Yet there is only potassium and salt apparently in sweat …I was so hoping a nice ounce or two of fat would drip off me too but apparently that only happens to chickens on a rotisserie not me on a stationary bike at +20 level....more

Have you tried the barre3 workout?

When I find a workout I love…I’m going to share it with all of you!  So, I’d like to introduce you to my newest find… barre3....more

Essential Workout Components

What makes a workout great?Is it how hard you work, the exercises you do, the order you complete them, where you workout, who you workout with, how prepared you are?All of the above....more

Firecracker Arm workout

Holy moly it’s July! I don’t know about you but this month really snuck up on me. July is definitely my favorite summer month because of the 4th, our annual beach trip, and the fact that summer is in full swing. Everyone is out of school and in summer mode so it’s hard to be anything but happy.I’m especially happy this week because one of my sisters is coming to visit this weekend....more

5 Great Non-Exercise Reasons to Hit the Gym

I didn't go to the gym at all last week. There, the statement is out there. Judge away. Before last week, I was going at least three to four times per week, even if I was only able to get in thirty minutes at a time. The much-complained about stomach flu of last week stopped all of that momentum in its tracks. Now that I'm feeling slightly more like myself, I need to get back on the wagon, so to speak. I decided to list all of the wonderful reasons I have for going to the gym. And not one of them has a darn thing to do with actual fitness. Are you ready? ...more

Working Out with Jillian

It’s now been three months of steady (3-4 days a week) exercising for me; mostly taking place in the mornings.  I KNOW.  I didn’t think I could do it either. I’m now officially in the stage where it’s just a part of my week and I don’t really complain about it.  Okay, sometimes I complain about it.  But most times I just wake up, squeeze into a sports bra and go. ...more

How To Find A Fitness Friend

Photo credit:  fitmomdiet.com...more