Exercise Log: Should I Be Using One?

Here are some frequently asked questions that cover the use of one of the most under-utilized performance enhancers in the gym, the exercise log.What kind of athlete or gym-goer should use an exercise log?...more

Treadmill: A Guide to Healthy Fitness

The treadmill is one of those most common workout machines yet one of the most useful ones in its category. And this is such an exercise tool that you can use at home just as effectively as you would do in the gym. So, now you do not have to find idle hours to leave the house for gym-time. No need to abandon your regular TV shows or the chores at home that would remain unfinished unless you stay there. After having a treadmill at home, you will find, staying at home has never been this productive where you are losing fat & weight and doing other works at the same time....more

3 convenient methods to lose weight

A lot of methods are available for the people to lose weight, but most of them can end up you in frustration. If you are looking forward to lose weight in a convenient manner, here is a list of three tips that you could follow. They can definitely provide amazing results to you without much hassle.1.    Cut down the consumption of starches and sugars...more

15 Simple Tips to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness

 Many women want to look stronger, fitter and leaner even though they would not like spending many hours at the gym. You can still achieve this if you follow the follow the following tips. 1. Do a 30-40 minutes workout...more

Top 3 Favorite Upper Back Workouts (okay, 4) | Fit Friday

Alright, alright, yes. I picked 4. It's strange because I was able to narrow down my favorite glute workouts to only three and that's my favorite muscle to work out! But for upper back, I decided that I just couldn't leave any of these four out!I have recently found two new upper back workouts that are now essential to me, so that's exciting (at least to a fitness addict it is exciting, you get it right?) and have two others that have been my go-to's for a while now....more

Benefits of working out daily

Being fit is a state of mind to keep your body away from problem for long time and live a healthy life forever. Healthy body helps us to work faster and in better way with our creativity and full productivity to make the life easy, but to get healthy body we need to atleast indulge ourselves in any form of exercises daily like yoga, running, gym routine, cycling or anything similar....more

How To Become A Morning Exerciser

I have always been so envious of those people who can wake up at 4:00 am, hit the gym, shower, get ready and show up to work at 7:30 am energized and ready to start the day. Seriously by 7:30 am these morning exercisers have already been more productive than most people will be in an entire day. #GOALS I bring this subject up because for the past couple weeks my yoga instructor has been gone on vacation....more

Gym Bag Beauty Essentials



Well hello, lovely people! I hope everyone’s week has gone swimmingly so far. Mine has been peachy, but I have no clue how it went by so fast.Hey, did anyone have a chance to take a look at my last post? I listed 10 tips with an alternate, beefed up version to help you stick with your workout....more