3 Things That Happen When You Start Using a Workout Log Book

There’s not many things more fulfilling than getting in good shape. Whether that means you are sending yourself to the Olympics, or breaking an hour for a 10k run for the first time, the feeling is the same. Simply awesome.And no matter how grand or modest our ambitions in the gym there is one tool that can universally help in getting us there.Here are just a few of the awesome things that start to happen when you track your workouts in a training journal.1. You get more consistent with your workouts....more

3 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Bench Press

The bench press is perhaps the most popular exercise in the weight room. It’s a test of brute strength, will, and power, and it is very often the barometer by which athletes, gymgoers and casual lifters measure their upper body strength. And yet, for it’s popularity, a surprising number of people I work with at the gym continue to struggle with it. From a lack of consistency in training the exercise, to technical errors, we can all stand to level up our bench press a little bit....more

The Benefits of Getting in Shape with Battle Ropes

When it comes to pound-for-pound effectiveness, there is little out there that is as awesome for getting in killer shape than a set of battle ropes.Forget the bulky and super expensive treadmill or erg machine, or an over-priced spin bike. All you really need to get a devastating workout is a set of sturdy, shipyard-worthy ropes.Here’s more about how this old-school will give you some serious new school results.1. Battle ropes encourage a balanced strength and conditioning approach....more

5 Presents for Athletes They Will Actually Want

When it comes to picking out a gift for the athletes in our lives (or for ourselves), it can be tough. After all, how many shaker cups and water bottles does one person really need? Instead of picking up the athlete in your life something they already have a heap of, why not give them something that they desperately want?That’s where this little guide will come in handy....more

3 Things That Happen When You Use a Workout Log

It’s low tech, it’s one of the cheapest tools for better performance, and most athletes and gymgoers aren’t doing it. It’s the simple act of tracking and monitoring your workouts, of sitting down for a couple moments at the end of each of your sessions in the gym and writing out what you did....more

10 Awesome Things That Happen When You Start Using an Exercise Log

When it comes to improving how consistent we are in the gym we tend to go for the complicated, expensive solutions.An over-priced set of supplements. Expensive compression gear. A $100/hour strength coach.And while these can be useful additions to our training regimen, they aren’t the kind of things that are going to make a consistent athlete out of you....more

Why You Should Use Squat Pyramids to Quickly Improve Your Squat

Pyramid training is nothing new. Athletes and gym-goers have used it in some type of variation for as long as there have been barbells and dumbbells.The format that can be used is nearly endless, and can be used not only for squats, but for improving your bench press, jumps squats, or just about anything else you want to work on in the gym.  ...more

7 Powerful Reasons to Start Writing Out Your Workouts

Looking to maximize the time you spend at the gym?For a moment, forget the latest and greatest in supplements and workout gear, those expensive new weightlifting shoes, or the most recent fitness fad to hit the late night infomercial circuit.Something as simple as keeping a workout log can help you stay focused and keep you motivated as you chase down your fitness goals.Here are 7 ways that writing out your sessions at the gym in a workout log can help you get faster results....more

4 Strategies For Planning Workouts Around Vacations

One thing that can often derail an exercise regimen is figuring out how to keep in shape while you are on vacation. There are a few different ways to tackle vacations and how they effect your workouts....more

Beginner's Workout Calendar - Free

A few years ago I had no idea what a plank or a downward dog was. I didn't have a how to lose weight guide or even a real idea of where my weight loss was headed. I never considered myself an athlete, although I did take many years of dance and horseback riding growing up. My knowledge base of exercise consisted of a few memories of PE class and advertisements of Jane Fonda workout videos....more