How to Lose Weight: Did You Miss this Step? + Beginner's Workout Calendar for Women Over 40

A few years ago I had no idea what a plank or a downward dog was. I didn't have a how to lose weight guide or even a real idea of where my weight loss was headed. I never considered myself an athlete, although I did take many years of dance and horseback riding growing up. My knowledge base of exercise consisted of a few memories of PE class and advertisements of Jane Fonda workout videos. ...more

The benefits of strength training

One of my goals in 2014 was to add more strength training to my workout regimen. Now that I have been consistently lifting for over a year, I can finally see some major gains. Besides the physical changes that have happened, I am now noticing a need to increase my weights at a faster rate, recovery is less tedious, and I feel great.If you aren't currently strength training on a regular basis, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.  ...more

The Bridal Workout Plan

It's Wedding Season!...more

12 Count Burpee Madness - Step by Step Instruction

The below 12 Count Burpee guide can be done almost anywhere.  Try them out and see what you think.  They are a great full body endurance workout.  Once you get comfortable with Level 1, see if you can achieve Level 2 and continue from there!   ...more

Fitness Class Accessibility: Which is better ClassPass or Fitmob?

Note: I was not paid or offered any goods or services in exchange for this review. I opted to take advantage of introductory month offers at both ClassPass and Fitmob and decided to share my review here. I love a good workout class. Whether it is boot camp, barre, spinning, yoga, or something different, there is always something about a fitness class that is good for motivating me not only to actually show up to workout but also to challenge me to work muscles I wouldn't normally work if left to my own devices. And there is always something so satisfying about that perfect level of soreness you experience when you got a good workout in. I'm not talking about a debilitating level of soreness but rather that soreness that says "you rocked your workout yesterday and you are on your way to increased strength and stamina!"Workout classes are also great for staving off boredom and allowing you to be flexible in your training. Feeling a little sore after an intense long run? A yoga class might be just the thing you need. Or feeling like you've been too heavy on the cardio? Maybe it's time to throw in a kettle bell class or a boot camp. But seeking out different classes can be a challenge because different classes are usually at different studios with different fee structures. It can get expensive if you want to engage in different workouts at different studios each week. It doesn't usually make sense to take on a package at any particular studio and paying a la carte and spending around $20 per session can bust anybody's budget.  But now there are two new products on the market that make working out at multiple studios a breeze: ClassPass and Fitmob.  ...more

Fitness Tips for Busy Girl Bosses

We all know that working out is good for us. It helps us have a positive self and body image, it produces endorphins, improves our metabolism and is just plain good for us.And as entrepreneurs, it is especially important to make sure we get our sweat on.  Studies show that the most successful people in business, engage in some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.  It helps them focus throughout the day and their bodies are better able to ward of illnesses and colds....more

Writing a Plan and Sticking to It.

Making a plan is usually the best way to tackle any goal. It is important to define your goal, but more important is defining HOWyou will achieve a goal. What are the steps to get there? What will the goal require? Does it need to be broken down into smaller deadlines?...more

5 reasons exercise is terrible for you

Have you ever wondered why people love to exercise so much? It looks brutal, people always grimacing in pain and limping around, barely able to lift their arms or walk up a flight of stairs. Pfft. Why would you want to do that to yourself? No sane person would. So I thought long and hard about it and have come up with some reasons why exercise is bad for you....more

5 favorite workouts

Another week gone by.  It was a rough week in our house.  Both of my girls have been sick.  I hate sick kids it's heart breaking.  Anyway that's a whole other topic.  On to our new series Fitness Friday.  To kick of this series I just wanted to start simple.  Talking about my Top 5 Favorite Workouts. ...more