Fitness Tips for Busy Girl Bosses

We all know that working out is good for us. It helps us have a positive self and body image, it produces endorphins, improves our metabolism and is just plain good for us.And as entrepreneurs, it is especially important to make sure we get our sweat on.  Studies show that the most successful people in business, engage in some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.  It helps them focus throughout the day and their bodies are better able to ward of illnesses and colds....more

Writing a Plan and Sticking to It.

Making a plan is usually the best way to tackle any goal. It is important to define your goal, but more important is defining HOWyou will achieve a goal. What are the steps to get there? What will the goal require? Does it need to be broken down into smaller deadlines?...more

5 reasons exercise is terrible for you

Have you ever wondered why people love to exercise so much? It looks brutal, people always grimacing in pain and limping around, barely able to lift their arms or walk up a flight of stairs. Pfft. Why would you want to do that to yourself? No sane person would. So I thought long and hard about it and have come up with some reasons why exercise is bad for you....more

5 favorite workouts

Another week gone by.  It was a rough week in our house.  Both of my girls have been sick.  I hate sick kids it's heart breaking.  Anyway that's a whole other topic.  On to our new series Fitness Friday.  To kick of this series I just wanted to start simple.  Talking about my Top 5 Favorite Workouts. ...more

Trending New Workouts

Are you sick and tired of working out on the treadmill or the elliptical? You’ve tried bringing a book or watching TV, but the time still seems like it is slowing going by. We are right there with you! ...more

Michelle Bridges Won't Let Your Workout Routine Go By The Wayside

Michelle Bridges, one of the trainers on Australia's version of the The Biggest Loser, is launching a workout plan in January and gives me a sneak peak at some intense, yet phenomenal work outs, that can be done ANYWHERE! You have absolutely NO EXCUSE, NOT TO work...more

Make your workout playlist the coolest one in the gym

Ready to take back control of how you eat + feel + live? Now’s the time.Eat Well. Party Hard. will help you make it happen.And now, on to your regularly-scheduled post!***...more

Female Fitness: Why You Aren't Getting Results