How can you make a difference at work?

How is your workplace? Does it energize you or wears you out? Do you have the feeling that you make any difference? Does it matter what you do? Many people hesitate to answer yes. They feel powerless in this big world - how can they make any difference?...more

Busted: 'Best Places to Work' Lists

If  most ‘best places to work’ lists are to be believed, most of corporate America is headquartered in Lake Woebegone, where all the employers are above average. You don’t have to be much of a skeptic to wonder what the real truth is behind the sunny quotes and breathless editorial comments: Foosball! Free coffee! Shuttle buses around the corporate campus! All the Cheerios you can eat! ...more
Sometimes though, the companies actually do the things that the survey says they do.   I worked ...more