How to Transition From Being an Employee to an Entrepreneur in Four Easy Steps

As we dive into springtime, there may be some entrepreneurial thoughts floating around the cubicles of employees. If you have a strong idea in place, the new season may be the perfect opportunity to break out of the corporate world and venture into becoming your own boss and running a start-up. There’s no better time like the present to get your running start! But before you make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, keep the following tips in mind to make for a smoother shift.Communicate with your current boss....more

Are Men More Controlling?

I’m not sure. Are you? Women have long been unfairly labeled as bitches when demonstrating firm leadership skills while men are described as strong. This often relates directly to control. I can cite numerous times in the workplace where both men and women have gotten so controlling, so out of hand, that they undermine the morale of their team and the success of the very project their managing. You can too, right?...more


Toxic people sap your energy and leave you depleted, feeling bad, angry, doubting of yourself.Toxic people do not respect you, your truth, your will, your feelings. They do not honor you....more

How to Create a Company Culture That Sticks

Company cultures always seem to come with a layer of expectations and reality, no matter how members are on your team or where you’re located. The expectation and reality of the situation affects both parties involved – the boss and the team members. And even though it might not always match up just so each and every time so everyone is constantly happy, there are still ways to make sure your company culture sticks for everyone on the team to engage in.Make every day, and everything, a cause for celebration....more

How to Not Be the ‘Bad Internship’

Every college student has one. The cringingly uncomfortable, self-esteem questioning, coffee-grabbing internship that breaks them into the working world. I really do believe that these kinds of internships are lessening by the day as companies begin to come to their senses and respect the college students they bring in to their business homes. But just to be sure we’ve all moved past the archaic coffee-order-dictating internship of the dark ages, here are three ways to make sure your business is not some poor college student’s "bad internship" experience....more

Dana’s Corner: How to be Pregnant like a Boss

Our Director of Operations in our office is none other than Dana Case. Among the employees, Dana is known for always “keeping it real.” She keeps the peace, stays organized, and always tells it like it is - today’s post will be coming from the mouth of Miss Dana, realist and advice-giver extraordinaire.This little bundle of kicks and joy marks the second baby I will be having while going to work. So let’s just say that I’m putting “excels at being pregnant at the office like a boss” under the special skills section of my resume from now on....more

Dana’s Corner: Beating Procrastination in the Office

Our Director of Operations in our office is none other than Dana Case. Among the employees, Dana is known for always “keeping it real.” She keeps the peace, keeps the organization, and always tells it like it is. We’ve been wanting to do a post on avoiding procrastination for a little bit here, so when we got around to it, we thought there would be no one better for the job. Today’s post will be coming from the mouth of Miss Dana, realist and advice-giver extraordinaire....more

The Right and Wrong Ways to Request Time Off This Holiday Season

It's officially December, and that means family vacations, extended holiday celebrations, and, of course, getting the annual flu shot are in our midst. With all of the fun and festivities of the season, it's also the time of year where making up a schedule also requires checking it twice and then remaking it once more, to accommodate everyone asking for time off (regardless of whether they've been naughty or nice)....more

Playground Bullies at Work

Whether it is the kid from A Christmas Story tormenting Ralphie or another character from real life, the playground bully has been around since before there were playgrounds. A bully is defined as a person who hurts or browbeats those who are weaker. At my children's elementary school, this bully looks like the kid that used to steal my son's snack or who grabbed his kickball from him at lunch and made him "come and get it".  It is the kid that used to shove my child out of the way in line, knocking him onto the ground....more

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Employees Out to Lunch

Maybe it’s because I’m writing this post close to lunchtime, but lately I’ve been thinking about the power of a good meal. Whether it’s made from scratch or a lunch date out at a restaurant, a delicious meal is seldom something we savor alone – good company only enhances the experience of dining together. And for the most part, we all like to eat together with someone else. The only time eating alone is a bit more preferred is in the workplace. There’s already a limited time span in which to have lunch and employees all rotate their eating schedules, making it hard to eat with a coworker....more