How to Punch Up Your Summer Workplace Lunch

In the same court as the work-life balance is the lesser discussed, but still just as difficult to manage, work-lunch balance. The expectations behind having a great work lunch include being able to leave the office, enjoy a tasty meal out, and come back within a reasonable amount of time.  But the reality is often that between meetings and emails and conferences to attend, the work day often slides straight into lunchtime leaving employees to lunch at their desks in order to continue working and avoid pricey lunches out....more

The Best Etiquette Tips for 3 Types of Business Meetings

As a CEO, I don’t run all of my meetings exactly the same and neither would I recommend doing that in the workplace. Some meetings I take the lead on. Others I don’t and one of the department managers takes the reins instead. And many meetings are a mix of shared leading effort alongside other partners. Regardless of who leads a meeting or how informal the setting is, it’s always a good idea to keep a few etiquette tips in mind when it comes to meetings of any kind, especially in the following three formats....more

Not Myself Today

I really have to applaud Partners for Mental Health's Not Myself Today campaign – a campaign to raise awareness of mental illnesses in the workplace. I wish this had been done a lot sooner, but am very happy to see that it's finally getting some well-needed exposure....more
They've done some good commercials for this campaign, haven't they?more

Do You Lie at Work?

Do you tell little (or maybe big) lies at work? Now, don't lie to make yourself feel better! As I was reading the article "Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire!" from Success Magazine, I was a bit surprised by the results of their survey of more than 1,200 American workers. We all know small lies happen, but some of the nuanced answers were amusing and telling. Such as: ...more

20 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work

The workplace can be a stressful place. Between personality differences, "one-size-fits-all" working environments (think: introverts hate open office floor plans), and having to always "do more with less" while wondering if your job is really secure, work can pile on stress like no other. According to the article "Making a Business Case for Mindfulness": ...more

Reexamining Women’s Success at the Workplace

Each day seems to feature yet another story about another woman weighing in on that always touchy subject:  How do women succeed at work without sacrificing too much of their personal lives?  And how do women define success anyway?Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer—she’s the one who caused the storm with her decision to end Yahoo’s policy allowing employees to work from home—touched on another third-rail in this debate, and that’s whether she even accepts the term “feminist.”...more

5 Flu Prevention Items Every Employee Needs on Their Work Desk

Freezing mornings spent scraping ice from windshields, the sounds of muffled coughing all throughout the day, and employees MIA from the workplace for several days on end. It’s that time of the year again: flu season. This year, with the flu hitting office workers everywhere harder than ever, it’s important that bosses provide their team members anti-flu tools to keep on hand so they can prevent from catching the bug to the best of their ability.1) Hand Sanitizer...more

How to Keep Employees Happy and Healthy During Flu Season

The start of January may bring about a new year but with it comes a familiar drop in temperatures across the country, notorious for snatching employees up from their desks in the office and taking them back to their beds. Attendance is often lower at the office in colder months due to the weather making for difficult daily commutes, overall moods dipping post-holiday season, and contagious colds and coughs getting passed around the office. How can you work to help your employees happy and healthy and dipping into their sick leave days as little as possible?...more

Would You Be More Productive Without Email at Work?

Last week's derecho knocked out power to a large chunk of the East Coast, taking with it access to email.  While my personal study was hardly conducted in a scientific manner such as the one from University of California, Irvine in conjunction with the US Army, my findings didn't mirror theirs at all.  While researchers found that people who didn't have access to email during the work day were more productive and less stressed, I found that it didn't matter if there were still plenty of tasks I could complete for work sans email.  I was less productive, jittery, and distracted; constantly checking if email was back and wondering what I was missing. ...more
"I'd say email is a necessary communication tool for my job. I can be productive without it ...more

The Abusive Relationship You Didn't Know You Were In

Does someone in your life:Withhold information, then shame you for not knowingConstantly change relationship expectations such that meeting them becomes impossibleCompliment you in person, but speak poorly about you to othersRemind you of your ultimate dependence upon them, especially when power/truth swings in your favorBelittle your accomplishments, then take credit...more