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President Obama deserves the Nobel Prize


New Multi-Cultural Educational/Entertainment show begins airing Sept. 5

Hey all you Music lovers out there! What do The Jazz Crusaders, India.Arie, Wyclef Jean, Amy Grant, CECE Winans, Roberta Flack, Donnie McClurkin and Jon Secada have in common? They are all performing, showing their videos, interviewing and/or appearing on the all new multi-cultural music television show, Yhur Music TV  (not spelled Your Music TV, its spelled YHUR Music TV) coming your way this season! ...more

Israeli Police and Military Brutalize Peaceful Protesters at Netanyahu's Speech

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I love your blog that's not in the U.S.!

Last week you might have read about why I love your blog! To continue this series of posts on blogs I love, let's look outward from the U.S. Blogging is a great way to change your information feed so that you look, not just outside your own country, but outside of your own language. ...more

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I'm so frustrated though, because apparently there is a ...more

Are Americans Not Interested in Knowing About Life in Other Countries?

I've heard it said that most Americans don't want to read (books) about locations or countries they wouldn't go to on vacation.  Quite a sweeping statement, wouldn't you say?  So, if a book is about say, Tuscany in Italy, or the Provence in France, Americans might be interested.  But if it's about, oh, Kyrgyzstan or Botswana you can forget it.  Almost nobody cares. Oops!  What about The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith?  Wonderful, charming, delightful stories set in Botswana and they're bestsellers. ...more

We can't get M$M TV news media to cover accurately the reality of our actual lives. Look at what ...more


"Hunger is not debatable." - Harry Hopkins Please bookmark or add these widgets or text links of your choice to your blogs or websites to help eliminate hunger just by clicking, it's free. Thanks! ...more

Picturing Hope - Shutter Sisters Win Microsoft Dream Assignment

The day I saw Shutter Sisters Jen Lemen and Stephanie Roberts' entry to the Microsoft Name Your Dream Assignment contest, I was pretty sure they'd win it.  ...more

I've sent this post to the photobloghers group.   I've been a fan of the shuttersisters since ...more

Children and the Global World

How to foster cultural awareness at a young age  ...more
I love your "Maptime" idea! I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and greatly value multi-cultural influence ...more

Try Now, Love Forever

Cultivate your own flowers of kindness.  ...more