My mother died of AIDS – She deserves more than stigma

Today is World AIDS Day. On March 11th of this year, my mother died of AIDS-related encephalopathy. My mother was an activist, a southern belle trapped in the north, a grandmother, and a recovering addict. In her life she survived multiple rapes and attacks on her humanity. She overcame drug addiction and homelessness. She turned her “tragedy to triumph” (yes Kanye) when she became a national advocate for ending homelessness in the HIV/AIDS community. She served on the first five years of the historic Massachusetts Ryan White Planning Council.  She lived with HIV for 16 years....more
ladylex02139 - no, I appreciate it. It's a lesson in strength. Thank you for that.more

It's World Aids Day and This Boomer Doesn't Know What a Female Condom Is

It’s World Aids Day and I don’t know what a female condom is.  Am I really so old school?  I head  over to Google it and  learn that a female condom is different from a regular condom. But before getting this answer I took an unscientific poll and asked some women friends under 40. They did not know the difference.   And then I asked my 50+ set....more

Today Is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - Really?

Oh my God! There are so many things I want to say, share, vent, rant, shout... STOP! Breathe... Okay... Let's take it from the top. I arrived at work Friday night; picked up a bite to eat from the cafeteria; chatted with my colleagues (I really like that word. It makes me feel a lot more important than I actually am). After a little fellowshipping, I headed down the small corridor on the back side of the Emergency department toward the broken time clock. Well, it wasn't really broken. Badges were still being scanned. Time was still being recorded....more

Daily doodle: Be part of the cure on World AIDS Day 2010

Approximately 2.6 million people each year become infected with HIV worldwide. 56,000 become infected each year in the U.S. World AIDS Day 2010 was this week and this is the perfect time to be part of the cure. ...more

Digital Life Sacrifice: Celebs Off Themselves for a Good Cause

These celebrities and more have taken a drive off the virtual cliff all in the name of raising money for charity. The "Keep a Child Alive" campaign, the brainchild of singer Alicia Keys, encouraged some of Hollywood and the music industry's top names to log off Twitter and Facebook today and NOT return. At least not until $1 million dollars is raised. ...more

I agree with Melissa. I am in no way motivated to get celebrities back on. But I'll give because ...more

HIV Is Women's Business

Unfortunately a lot of people, women especially, don't think they are at risk of HIV infection....more

World AIDS Day 2008

I'm tired of blogging about World Aids Day. Every year, I put it on my "to be blogged" calendar and every year I do it. And every year I think to myself, "Next year, I'll have some good news about AIDS/HIV to blog about for World AIDS Day." And every year, I have no good news. ...more

Just to add...there's a phenomenal beautiful 'visual' prayer in Boston's South the ...more

World Aids Day


Saturday is World Aids Day

Saturday is World Aids Day so I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you a personal story to kick off to my more traditional method of linking off to women blogging... In September of this year, four days after my son's 21st birthday, the phone rang at about 8:30 at night. I glanced at the caller ID. It was Chris. I answered with a "Yo Dude, what's up!", like I often do. (It takes the edge off of those requests for money and stuff.) There was silence and then he said... ...more