Innovative campaign tackles soccer and violence against women together

Cross-posted from UN Women The Brazilian Women’s National Soccer Team supported the O Valente Não É Violento initiative during the International Women’s Soccer Tournament last year. Photo Courtesy of Agencia Brasil  During the World Cup in Brazil, one million stickers spreading ending violence against women messages with soccer-related puns are being distributed across Brazil to educate fans about men’s responsibility to address the pandemic. ...more

An Expat's View On The World Cup

Somewhere in the past few weeks of the 2014 World Cup, I became a sports fan.Or actually, let's not take it that far. I became a fan of U.S. soccer.But let's go back a little bit first. It should be said that I've never been a sports fan. Like, at all. ...more

World Cup Fans to be greeted with new app: ending violence against women is the goal

Cross-posted from UN Women Posters, billboards and ads on public transit will promote a new smartphone app that provides information for women who’ve experienced violence. ...more

Girls Kick: Moving the Media's World Cup Goal Posts

by Ariel DoughertyFrom On The Issues MagazineThe World Cup coverage by ESPN (and ABC) washed over the U.S. this summer like a fever — a month long homage to the universal sport as played by men....more

England bomb out of the World Cup 2010

So, whilst I was hanging out with me 5 year old homeys at Izzy's birthday party, England were playing Germany in the World Cup 2010. Yeh, yeh, I know.... we cocked up by booking Izzy's party at the same time as the match. But I had planned to compensate for this diary malfunction by watching the match at home once the party had finished. My plan only had one essential ingredient..... I had to make sure that nobody told me the final score before I got home. ...more

Italy's Azzurri Sing the Blues

For those of you who might be interested in how the 'World Champs' could have fallen so far, so fast, from grace, I proffer a roundup of the Mia Colpa circulating in the media and in the street:...more

Woah! That is one helluva improvement.....

The whole of England was on tenterhooks today. For today was England's last chance (after two truly dismal performances) to get through to the last 16 countries competing in the World Cup football tournament. ...more