A World Gone Mad

It has been difficult to escape the madness that seems to be encircling our globe. With the recent riot in Tottenham over the police shooting of an alleged gangster named Mark Duggan, the mass murders in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik and anti-government protests in countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Greece, it can feel as if the world has gone mad! Even the United States of America seems to be imploding as the battle continues over how to stabilize the country from its economic meltdown. Worldwide legitimate peaceful protesters, political opportunists and angry anarchists are converging in the same arenas to have their message heard. Are we listening?...more
That is a very positive approach to have in such times. That, as you said, is the beginning. ...more

Remembering Today & Tomorrow...and Always

I went back through some of my older blogs/notes to find this one that I wrote two years ago.  May we always remember all of the lives that were lost to deranged mental illness and hate.  * * * * *Today marks some anniversaries that I am sure most of us would rather forget. As I was watching a recorded show, ironically about the dangers of cults and extremists, it just so happened that one of the cults and their horrible, tragic end was today. ...more

Earthquake Preparedness

 I live in British Columbia, Canada where the threat of earthquakes is ever present. We have had them in the past and experts predict another major earthquake is due in the near future. Today, Japan has apparently experienced an earthquake measuring 8.9 and as a result Tsunami Alerts have been posted for the west coast. To this point, nothing has come of that and most likely won't....more

Battle in Egypt

I have been following what has been unfolding in Egypt for the past few days, stunned and amazed by the protesters. Before this made the news I was in the dark as to how Egyptians were truly feeling about President Mubarak; his reign of oppression and destruction. So, ignorant of the struggles and challenges of the country....more

US Woman Protects Overlooked Soldiers


2010 Olympic Torch Relay The Journey Home

As I write this post the Olympic torch is making its way through my city. Today Canadians and indeed the world will celebrate the opening of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. This is the longest domestic torch relay in Olympic history, 45,000 kilometres in total....more

Roxana Saberi Released

In a previous post I wrote about the arrest and imprisonment of Roxana Saberi a US journalist arrested in Tehran. ...more

A Beautiful Day In History

Congratulations President Barack Obama!  ...more