Early on Arrival: The Power of Our Preemie Experience

My son’s teacher recently commented on my child’s insatiable love of books. “Did you read to him in the womb?”, she joked.  Her question was an endearing reminder of all he’s conquered since being born at 24 weeks weighing only a pound and a half.  ...more

Prematurity Feels Like...(World Prematurity Day)

This is prematurity. This is fear and stress and worry and guilt and sadness. This is what alone feels like....more

How Something I'd Never Heard of Changed My Life (Prematurity Awareness Month)

I'd never known a preemie baby before Jax. Preterm birth was something abstract, something that only happened to other people. Mainly people who were irresponsible, careless, and unhealthy. It was something that could be prevented if only the mother had taken better care of herself during her pregnancy. The only picture I had ever seen of a preemie was the Anne Geddes photo of a tiny baby in her father's hands. And that baby looked so cute and healthy! ...more
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. All NICU experiences bring you closer to what ...more

World Prematurity Day - "Tiny" and Kathryn

Today is World Prematurity Day (hope you are wearing purple!) Our girls were born at 30 weeks and 5 days.  To most people that seems really early.  To someone who has has had a 24/26/28 weeker, anything beyond 30 weeks is where you hope to get. But our girls were not normal 30 weekers.  Kathryn had all kinds of issues and Tiny suffered from IUGR, (intra uterine growth restriction) so she was only the size of a 26 weeker.  However, she was blessed to have the gestational development even if she was so small. Tiny Kathryn  At 1lb10oz, Tiny was classified as a Micro Preemie.  REALLY TINY.  But she cried at birth, which was a sound we did not expect to hear.  It was so muted and puny.  But it was her, announcing that she was here to stay. Interestingly, I always had a calmness about me with respect to Tiny.   From the day we were diagnosed with TTTS until the day she came home from the NICU after 84 days, other than a few scares, I felt confident that she was going to survive. She was strong, defeated her odds, and just kept keeping on. But that doesn't mean she didn't have her own set of struggles. Truthfully, if they had been born even a day or two earlier, there is a good chance she would not have survived. ...more