Sports Schadenfreude: Why I Was Genuinely Happy the Mets Lost the World Series

If you aren't a sports fan, it's difficult to understand the pain that comes with your team losing. I know many people who respond to my emotional ties to sports with platitudes like "It's just a game!" or "How can you support spoiled, rich men who play a game?" I bring this up because the World Series has ended. The Kansas City Royals, who lost the 2014 World Series in a gut punch of a Game Seven, beat the New York Mets (who hadn't been to the World Series since 2000) in five games. ...more

Culture and Chemistry Matter

Wow… that was an unbelievable World Series!  If you watched it passionately as I did, you know what I’m talking about.  Even if you didn’t and you don’t know or care that much about baseball or sports, there are a number of things that made this World Series remarkable and also some important things we can learn from it that go way beyond baseball and sports in general....more

The annual October dilemma

@kisschronicles  lordy lordy, i'd forgotten about that.more

The San Francisco Giants Win the World Series as a Team

This isn't the kind of thing you hear about every year. That office staff won the series too, so did their security guards, so did the maintenance crew. This team shows class by acknowledging it. It is rare you even hear of a team thanking the front office, but a team celebrating with the ticket takers? That shows grace. Somebody should talk to the NBA and NFL about this kind of graciousness. Yes, I am looking at the Miami Heat. I wasn't a San Francisco fan before they won the series, I wasn't even really rooting for The Giants, but I will next time. I like the way the operate....more

Growing up, my family wasn't into baseball. We might've occasionally watched the World Series ...more

The Yankees Win The World Series... Again

The New York Yankees have won their 27th World Series.Try to process that for a minute. 27 championship wins. That is insane. That is more than any other team in Major League Baseball. These wins date back to 1923, but that doesn't make it any less impressive.My favorite baseball team has never won a World Series. Ever.So congratulations to the New York Yankees, again. If they were a player I would be encouraging them to retire. I can't help but be reminded of the Crash Davis quote from Bull Durham about strike outs....more

Like Marybeth, I'm a Mets fan.  (And a Cubs Fan.  Fat lot of good all that spending ...more

October: It's Not Just For Baseball

When I think about sports in October the first thing that comes to mind is baseball. October means playoff series' and hot dogs and beer. The World Series begins on October 28th this year. They call clutch baseball players who do well in the post season "Mr. October". October is for baseball, right?Well, yes and no. Sure we love championship baseball and late-inning comebacks, but there is more to October than just baseball....more

I have no interest in baseball and like football because everyone I know seems to enjoy it ...more

Time to party like it's 1993 and can you resist the Wind in Your Vagina?

I'm trying reaallly hard to be productive today. But it's Friday and my shoes are too tight and there's someone with a leaf blower standing outside my window laughing at all the idiots inside this building he's enraging right now but we can't do anything about it because we're the ones stuck behind computers all day and he's the one with the leaf blower. Blowing things. And while we're on the topic of things being blown, my mind has been totally blasted this week trying to catch up with all the awesome new blogs on my list and OH YEA THE PHILLIES. ...more

One Win Away

The Tampa Bay Rays are one win away from going to the World Series. ...more

Isn't bad.  It's just completely indoors which makes no sense for Florida.  People like to ...more

Listen Up Cubs Fans - Lou Piniella's Message

Lou Piniella had a message this morning and said it again today when interviewed after the Cubs won the NL Central with a win against the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. He simply said to remain calm, to not focus on the past and the heartbreaks, but this 2008 team that just won the division. And to remind us there is a long road ahead but just let this team play baseball.   ...more

Is this the Year - Part Two - Tornados

On Sunday August 3, I wrote a blog on here titled "Is this the year?" Some people felt like I am jinxing it. Trust me, I have always been the one who is the first to say "don't say it!" or don't even mention the billy goat or Bartman. but I can't describe it. Something in my blood just feels it - and it's not because this was the first year I finally went to Wrigley Field and fulfilled my life long dream of finally seeing the place in person that I've watched on t.v. my entire life.   ...more