Five Ideas with Rice & Beans for World Vegetarian Day

Every week I tempt you with a tasty-looking vegetarian dish for Meatless Monday, but when I realized that this week Monday was also World Vegetarian Day, I wanted to do something more. I started thinking about what foods represent vegetarian cooking and the answer was obvious, all over the world vegetarians eat various forms of rice and beans. So to properly celebrate World Vegetarian Day, here are five Meatless Monday recipe ideas featuring rice and beans. I bet at least one of them will be a hit at your house! ...more
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie sounds great.   Susan, so glad you like the ideas.more

INTERVIEW: Kick Off World Vegetarian Month With Author/Activist Terry Walters

Today is World Vegetarian Day, the beginning to World Vegetarian Awareness Month, and as BlogHer's resident vegan, I am thrilled to kick it off with an interview with author Terry Walters....more
@Terry WaltersWow! I could have written everything you just wrote down to the skiing and it ...more

What to do with kohlrabi

I am now a huge fan of kohlrabi, and all it took was two recipes, and my first kohlrabi to do it.   To see full post go to What to do with Kohlrabi. ...more

Burgers are actually what I ate with my kohlrabi slaw, and it tasted really good. Haven't tried ...more

Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day: Will you mark the day?

Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day, a celebration founded by the North American Vegetarian Society back in 1977 as a way to raise awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism. I spend every World Vegetarian Day thinking back to when I first became a vegetarian..and reminding myself why. ...more

I think that, for the most part, I will follow usual vegan diet, but maybe up it a bit ... ...more