Hang Out with Momastery and Church World Service this World Water Day

Oh, you know, this Saturday I think I'll "Hang Out" with Glennon Doyle Melton.  ...more

World Water Day 2013

Today, March 22, marks the 20th annual World Water Day and if you are reading this, there's a good chance you can walk over to a tap, turn it on and expect clean water, but for 800 million people (mostly women and children), this is not a reality. Add to this rising temperatures, exploding populations, increasing droughts and widening pollution and it all adds up to one word: crisis. ...more
@HomeRearedChef Beautiful! Something I will try to say every day. Thanks, Virginia.more

World Water Day/Friday Wrap-Up

Today is World Water Day and I'm going to participate by continuing to be careful with my everyday water usage.-Not running the water when brushing my teeth.-Having shorter showers.-Letting the rain water the grass. If it gets brown, so be it. The grass will come back, it is a weed after all.Small things but I think they make a difference in the long run....more

The World and Water

 I love water. I can't imagine not drinking at least 8 glasses of the stuff (usually more) a day.I can't imagine my children not being able to just go to the kitchen to get some. Or just go to the water fountain at school. I love that they are such good hand washers that I don't have to remind them to wash their hands before they eat, or before a snack when they've just come home from school.My eldest daughter knows the joys of a long hot shower (often with me pounding on the bathroom door after fifteen minutes hollering, "That's enough!")...more